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Flagged down by cabbie

Joined Gower Street on the left edge and soon a black cab took over while the cabbie mumbling something at me.

I didn’t quite catch what he said, but it didn’t sound anything cheerful. 324 more words

Cycling In London

Next time get the number plate

“Next time it happens, get the number plate”. This was what the 101 operator at the end of the phone told me when I reported an act of aggressive and dangerous driving. 591 more words


Radical cycling safety

1) Ban cycling helmet. That’ll make’em slow down and cycle more CAREFULLY.

2) For educational reason, the cause of any major/fatal accident should be disclosed to the public in brutal details such as the layout of the road, path of the cyclist and vehicle, and how it collided and the resulting injury etc. That’ll teach’em.

Cycling In London

Cycle killer: Qu'est-ce que c'est?

I have been thwacked on the back by a passing truck’s mirror while waiting at traffic lights to turn right opposite the Old Vic Theatre and nearly squished beneath the back wheels of a tour bus on Chelsea embankment where it meets Albert Bridge. 53 more words

Things to do when you have visits in London

¡London is an enchanting city! and it has something to offer to each traveller.

Below, the list of things that I like to recommend to friends or family visits: 1,299 more words


Cycling in London: the 'mares and the myths

Cycling in London has a bad rep. And anyone can see why; the roads are mental and it’s still recovering from a large string of fatal cycling accidents which occurred in November 2013 (those which led to BoJo’s typically well-thought-out response making it sound like he was blaming cyclists for being reckless). 603 more words

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Private transport in London, UK: "Cyclists, dismount"

London, UK, images; private transport, cheap transport, reducing pollution, emissions, bicycles, cyclists; cycling in London, road traffic signs, signs for cyclists, “Cyclists, dismount” 8 more words