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"Considerate cycling permitted" - Hyde Park, London, UK

London, UK, images, travel, tourism, parks, gardens, cemeteries; bicycles, cycling in London, cycling in London’s parks, Hyde Park, sign: “Hyde Park • Alexandra Gate • Pedestrians have priority • Considerate cycling permitted • Cycling allowed only on cycle paths • Park open daily from 5am until midnight • Be considerate • Be safe • Be seen and heard • Be polite • The Royal Parks” 6 more words


Cheaper transport in London, UK: Cycle Hire on Victoria Embankment

London, UK, images, travel, tourism, living and working in London, cost of living in London, less expensive transport; emissions, cars, fossil fuels, pollution, environment, environmentally friendly, a cycle hire point on Victoria Embankment (picture taken from Waterloo Bridge) 10 more words


London’s roads - how safe are cyclists?

19,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road incidents each year according to a 2014 survey by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents… 591 more words

Amie Filcher

"Up the stairs - bicycle path to Surrey Quays" in London, UK

London, UK, images, bicycles, cycling, cycling in London, bike lanes, bicycle routes, communication, messages, signs, signposts, “Bicycle route to Surrey Quays” 13 more words


Dicing with death?

The DfT’s latest stats suggests that I’m dicing with death everyday. Daily usage of 1st & 3rd worst roundabouts. 2nd worse, weekly.

My personal experience is always the same. 260 more words

Cycling In London

Guy with a flat tyre, so I thought..

The last couple of weeks I’ve been travelling so not much time to blog but there has been so much Lycra to blog about, so I have a few draft blogs on the go so I’ll hopefully be able to get them up in the next week or so, but before I get into to the travel stories I must tell you about a cyclist I saw walking his bike along the road the morning after I saw the… 873 more words

Cycling Lycra

Faster than Ferrari

Hyde park – a noisy Ferrari dashed passed me.

A good 10 minutes later I caught up with it at a traffic light.

Felt rather smug.

Cycling In London