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"A Great Ottawa Tradition"

This year was Citizens for Safe Cycling’s 5th time that we organised “Lights on Bikes”, the brain child of Alex deVries, who figured we needed to organise something to get the word out on bike lights and safety. 499 more words


Brookfield Path Connection Open Again

It took forever, but finally the connection between the two Brookfield Roads is open again. The Sawmill Creek corridor, that cuts through Brookfield, is host to the Transitway, the Airport Parkway, the O-Train (now Trillium line) and a bit of railway tracks. 363 more words

Cycling In Ottawa

Ottawa's Urban Green from the Bike

Often, when I cycle through Ottawa, I wonder how people from elsewhere figure out where to cycle. A paper map is one source, Google maps another one, but that is about it. 1,216 more words

Cycling In Ottawa

Dream start of 45th NCC Sunday Bike Day Season

It seemed like everyone was out cycling yesterday. Sunday May 17 was the first day of the Alcatel Lucent NCC Sunday Bike Days. The weather couldn’t have been better. 664 more words

Cycling In Ottawa

Sefen mistaeks in signs

I am the last one who claims my English is great. It is not my mother tongue. Spell checkers help a lot, but I tend to mix in Dutch grammar sometimes. 272 more words


Central Experimental Farm Under Threat Once Again

So another part of the Central Experimental Farm is lopped off. I thought that heritage status would have protected the Farm from further deterioration, but no, it appears that heritage status means nothing. 1,266 more words

Cycling In Ottawa

12 Ads with Bikes: How Bikes Sneak Into Main Stream Advertising

Remember the time that cycling was associated with either racing or  enviro-types who cycled out of principle? Those bearded types in home knit sweaters and goat wool socks, with safety vests, mirrors, reflective straps, and a milk crate duct-taped to the bike? 538 more words

Cycling In Ottawa