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Perfect Conditions for 5th Winter Bike Parade (incl. video)

Last Saturday, January 23, 2016, Citizens for Safe Cycling organised the annual Family Winter Bike Parade for the 5th time already. Traditionally, the ride starts at City Hall as it is fairly central. 503 more words


Ottawa completes 4 bike & ped bridges + 1 overpass

Last year, a number of larger bike and pedestrian infrastructure projects were completed in Ottawa. By completing these initiatives, the City of Ottawa has made important steps in connecting already existing bike routes and infrastructure. 682 more words


Record Year for Laurier Bike Lane

In 2011 the City of Ottawa opened its first separate bike track through downtown on Laurier Ave. It is not the most ideal east-west connection, but the city’s downtown has a bit of an escarpment on the west side and a canal (a world heritage site no less) and a river on the east side. 888 more words


The Greely Loop

This week, Metroland’s Ottawa Community News reporter Megan DeLaire wrote an article on local Greely residents who are proposing a 10-15 km bicycle network to connect their 20 or so neighbourhoods in the more rural part of Ottawa. 687 more words


Sharrows: the Big Leap Forward or Just an Evasive Side Step

Today’s post is a guest post, written by Dick van Veen. Dick is a traffic engineer and urban designer, with over 11 years of experience as a designer of streets and cycle paths. 792 more words


"A Great Ottawa Tradition"

This year was Citizens for Safe Cycling’s 5th time that we organised “Lights on Bikes”, the brain child of Alex deVries, who figured we needed to organise something to get the word out on bike lights and safety. 499 more words


Brookfield Path Connection Open Again

It took forever, but finally the connection between the two Brookfield Roads is open again. The Sawmill Creek corridor, that cuts through Brookfield, is host to the Transitway, the Airport Parkway, the O-Train (now Trillium line) and a bit of railway tracks. 363 more words

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