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Bike leg speed

This session helps develop leg speed and promote recovery, and helps to create more power by increasing leg speed. This session is laying the foundations for a killer sprint. 155 more words


Deep in the overtrained hole

When I got back from my trip I knew that something was wrong. It wasn’t simply the exhaustion of travel and being away from home and a few hard days of riding, but something much worse. 743 more words


Hill reps. 

Nice training spin this morning with club-mate Luke. We went to Belmont road, back of Stormont for some hill repeats/sprints.

So this is not too steep that you can’t ride big ring. 115 more words


Dread Working Out? Try These Ten Inventive Workouts To Lose Weight

Fatigue, with those overwhelming feelings of tiredness and lethargy, is a common complaint, especially as our lives become filled with more and more activities and responsibilities, both at work and at home. 365 more words

Pyramid Intervals

This set is a good one for the turbo.

Warm up 10 mins gradually increasing resistance.
Main set

1 minutes Threshold Effort

1 minutes Active Recovery… 53 more words


1 Minute Intervals

set for on the turbo or for on a nice flat stretch of road, Cadence 95rpm+ with a focussed drive up to speed for the opening 20 seconds of the interval with enough resistance to generate maximum power. 80 more words


School boy error: food

So after 15 years racing you’d think one would not mistakes. A simple lunch didn’t cut it for last nights Clubs race. Ards CC put on a excellent show on a new course, Ballygowan Circuit. 137 more words