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Vacation Interfering with Your Training? Here’s What to Do About It

Summer is a great time to travel.  It’s exciting to travel to new locations, spend time with friends and family but for many cyclist, there’s that nagging thought lingering in the back of your mind which prevents you from fully embracing the vacation experience.  547 more words

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You’ve got the Power

Training with power can be a most wonderful (and truly powerful) way to boost your training. However, only investing a fairly large amount of money into a powermeter won’t do the trick. 519 more words

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A Basic Guide to Bike Computers

If you are thinking about buying a bike computer, here are some things to help you decide how to choose one that will meet your needs. 593 more words

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First ZWIFT Training

I never thought I would be as motivated as I am right now with cycling. Today, I got sick big time of looking at my weight scale going into the different direction and so sick of being lazy, not pushing myself hard even though I know, I can do more. 247 more words

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Can’t help but to share my awesome partner’s story.

Einar, in nature is very competitive. His determination and discipline amazes me all the time.

It’s not a secret that Einar’s other knee is weak since he was born but that doesn’t stop him from achieving what he wants. 113 more words


Caffeine...Good or Bad?

My love for bikes and caffeine are one in the same; I don’t think I could live without either. I’ll be brutally honest, I am a caffeine junkie! 750 more words

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