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The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Monday, 10.23.17. "Sleepy. You're feeling sleepy..."

Howdy folks,

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday. I slept in. For the first time in… a long time.

When I (initially) woke up before it was light out yesterday, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t actually gotten 8 hours of sleep (in a row!) in over a month. 502 more words

The Workout Of The Day

Training in the Sand For Koksjide

2 years I rode the cyclocross World Cup in Belgium Koksjide. This course has a lot of sand. I did a few spins in the sand before hand but this wasn’t enough. 146 more words


Does Heart Rate Training help for cycling?

The short answer, for a non-competitive and recreational cyclist like me, is – yes.

For the last few years, I have been doing yearly multi-day cycling trips. 1,440 more words


What is FTP?

If you’ve been in triathlon for any length of time, you’ve probably heard a lot about functional threshold power (FTP) and testing. Perhaps you’ve wondered if it’s something that should matter to you, and if so, why. 622 more words


Bike Intervals for Power and Endurance

The goal of this workout is to increase muscular endurance by coupling long, high-intensity intervals with short rest periods. The idea is to help athletes build a tolerance to higher intensities as their season progresses. 86 more words


Sub 1 hour bike session

Want to blast the 40km bike leg? Then follow this essential set for improving your surges in speed, passing power and lactate threshold.

It’s a tough session, but doesn’t take a long time to recover from because, although intense, it’s relatively short. 267 more words


Building Your Bike Power

After planning your season and setting up your A race the next step is to create a training plan. This should include knowing the course and knowing your strengths and weaknesses. 262 more words