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Cycle Ireland Day 28: To Leenane

Today’s ride to the village of Leenane was surprisingly short. But beautiful. Our ride took us along the Killary Harboura fjard, which forms a natural border between counties Galway and Mayo. 354 more words


Пиер Ролан спечели 17-тия етап

Френският колоездач Пиер Ролан спечели първа победа в тазгодишната обиколка на Италия за 5:42:56 ч. Това се оказа и първи успех с трикото на “Канъндейл”, както и първи триумф в “Джирото”.


Casual cycling

It has been years since I’ve ridden a bike and, wanting to have an alternative to getting around when my car is out of action or I just fancy being in the open air, I decided to a get a bike. 118 more words

Watermelon Ride

If you are an Upstate cyclist, you know that Boiling Springs is a focal point of much of the local cycling scene in the Spartanburg area. 202 more words

Weather Decision

I’ve been in the Army for 23 years, I’ve been a paratrooper for 22 of them. If I’ve learned anything from 22 years of jumping out of military aircraft, its that you don’t make the weather decision until the weather forces you to. 293 more words


Lance Armstrong engaged to longtime partner Anna Hansen

She said….. YES!!!!

A post shared by Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong) on May 23, 2017 at 8:24pm PDT

Lance Armstrong had some important news: He’s getting married again.

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