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Managing traffic through New Westminster

New Westminster is at the crossroads of Metro Vancouver, with commuter traffic  pouring through from all directions and industrial zones in neighbouring cities around more than half its perimeter… 902 more words


3 Weeks Later......

So today has been a particularly bad day. It’s three weeks since I broke my back and I’ve had enough now. Enough pain, enough lying down, enough strip washes, enough drugs, the list is endless. 282 more words


Crash! Bang! Wallop! Another injured cyclist.

Moments before that awkward and painful lift into the ambulance.


The Lessons I Learned From Working Too Hard...

For the sake of being consistent I am going to continue in my annoying habit of being inconsistent in the topics that I like to write about. 574 more words

Pilates for Cyclists

I’m working on creating a “Pilates for Athletes” workshop for fall. So many athletes today from Tiger Woods to David Beckham, and a few NFL players use Pilates to improve their performance. 351 more words