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Day 464. 14km. Quorn – Olive Grove Cottage

I opened the door of the cottage of my youth and walked in. Nothing, but nothing had changed. The rustic farm-cottage kitchen. The beds that swallow you up. 285 more words


Bike ride home helps me cope with seeing death on daily basis, says advanced paramedic TV star

An advanced paramedic dealing with some of the most critically ill patients in London today told how he had to cope with death on virtually every shift. 486 more words


Ramblers and a movie.

Off to Ramblers! Mostly.

Jogging during the week has whispered in my ear and told me how Ramblers is going to go today (ARSE!) but I stick on a smile and deploy all my best psychological techniques anyway. 350 more words


This ride totally sucks!

Psychology of bike riding

The definition of mental fortitude, apparently, is doing things that you do not like to do. The definition of success, apparently, is doing things that OTHERS do not like to do. 378 more words


Brailsford breaks cover.

When it was first mentioned on social media that Wiggo would sit down with Marr my heart sank a little. Andrew Marr is a political journalist and historian with an amazing broadcast and journalistic history, when it comes to those topics he really knows his onions but I doubt he would ever be able to pull a Paxman and bludgeon someone during an interview. 373 more words

Ideas for staying Safe While Cycling

  1. Wear a helmet. A helmet can’t be 100 percent guaranteed to save your life, but it’s always going to give you better odds than going bare-headed.
  2. 387 more words