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The Agoraphobic Bike Riding Challenge

I am glad that is over. It was horrible. I made it home safe. Just breathe. Just relax. You are safe.

An agoraphobics favorite place to be is home. 882 more words

Cycling in the mornings


These days cycling to work every morning involves leaving home in the dark and feeling that despite wearing thick gloves the cold may cause my finger tips to fall off. 120 more words


The changing weather may have an interesting affect on this weekend’s riding and racing activities. There’s snow headed our way, which may not be the worst thing for an adventurous cyclists. 451 more words


It's behind you

I was skimming through my blog archives recently and I came across a post I wrote back in April but didn’t get round to publishing. It’s nice and short (compared to my usual essays) and made me chuckle when I reread it (having forgotten all about this idea since I first wrote it down), so here it is for your entertainment and edification: 212 more words


H.M. Sun Wasp Update

Not the greatest photographs in the world but I installed some brakes onto the HM Sun Wasp today.

5 Tips for Winter Cycling

Now that cold weather has finally arrived, no need to hang up your iron (or carbon or aluminum) steed. Winter weather can be a rush to bike in, as long as you are prepared. 556 more words

200 Parks

Democracy lives! Vote now...

Readers, friends, fellow cyclists…

When I tell people I have a blog, I see them wince internally and search for the correct response without offending me. 227 more words