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This past weekend I got on my bicycle and pedalled to Tommy Thompson Park. Tommy Thompson park is a unique urban wilderness in Toronto; although, some people think it’s just a pile of junk. 178 more words


Cycling in Singapore

No doubt that everybody in Singapore is feeling the heat from the rising standard of living.

I own a Dahon Mu Uno Folding bike for short distance commuting (>20km) or night cycling with my buddies. 118 more words



I recently just got my hand on the Toronto Cycling Map for 2013. So I am looking through at in and in the Downtown Core Map, I noticed yellow highlighting on certain paths with the legend stating… 261 more words


You never know when you might see a penny-farthing

While biking on the Capital Crescent Trail yesterday, I saw a man riding a penny-farthing, AKA an old-timey bicycle.

Since I was pretty sure I hadn’t time traveled, I found this antique pastime amusing.  155 more words

Washington Dc

Save the Clock Tower 5K and a cycling accident

When I read last week that WordPress employees were inviting the WP community to participate in a virtual 5K, I thought it was silly. 504 more words


Cyclography might just be too hazardous

I took a “sick day” yesterday because after several long hours and days and weeks at work, I needed a personal day to decompress.

My plan to laze away on the couch and watch baseball all day (thanks, Comcast MLB package!) was thwarted, though, by the guilt I felt when I looked outside and saw a sunny, 75-degree day.  491 more words