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FEAR pt.1

She was a monster, a whirlwind unleashed unto the earth. A demon of destruction… a master of havoc… a sorceress of pain… and a goddess of grief. 120 more words




( Hingliba punshisina sidringei, hey prithivi,
Mamliba ahingsina ngandringei, hey prithivi. ) x2
( Cyclone tsunami noina katrina hurricane noina. ) x2
Anem-Awang Laira-Enakhunba khaibiranu.. 119 more words

Tapta Lyrics

Laser scanning Kinneil House

A few months ago, the Digital Documentation team spent 2 days in the Kinneil Estate near Bo’ness. There were several reasons for this visit; one of them was to collect data (laser scanning and GNSS) in the area of the Roman fortlet for a PhD research project on the Antonine Wall. 299 more words

Imagine a day without water

I visited the Oceania Gallery at the University of South Pacific earlier this week to see a photo exhibit. The poster for this exhibit caught my eyes at the coffee shop downtown, a frequent stop for many expats and government/international organization folks. 568 more words


BeMicro CV - HW & SW LED flasher

The second project for the BeMicro CV board will be a HW/SW LED flasher. From the LEDs present in the board, some will be flashed by HW, and others will be flashed by SW running on a NIOS processor. 431 more words


A Huge and Terrifying Typhoon Is Heading Straight for Taiwan

Taiwan is bracing itself for receiving the full impact of a monster category-5 cyclone expected to hit its eastern shores late Thursday night.

Supertyphoon Nepartak is expected to wreak chaos in the western Pacific basin, which has been eerily quiet with a record drought of no tropical cyclones in the last… 187 more words

Product Review: MaxiNutrition Cyclone

This will be my first ever product review, and to be honest I don’t think it will be a regular as I tend to be relatively set in my ways regarding the products I buy. 350 more words