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My Breast Cancer Journey...Chemo

The minute I found out I had breast cancer I immediately said I did not want to have chemo! I was hoping I’d be told that it was small, could be cut out and maybe a few rounds of radiation and it’d all be over. 1,058 more words

My Breast Cancer Journey

Myeloma Treatment (The Battle)

I am nearing the end of my second cycle of chemotherapy in the initial phase of my treatment of Myeloma. So far I have concentrated on the day to day but thought I really ought to look at the overall process towards… 846 more words


A kerataconus Update

I have been on Cyclophosphamide now for about 3 months and it was going really well.  Well about 3 weeks ago I had a scleritis flare which was really painful and gave me a week long migraine because all of the eye socket was also inflamed.   364 more words


Chemotherapy (VCD) - Basics

Information here is taken from various booklets received by me and interpreted in a non-expert way – they should not be taken in any other context than my own – possibly muddle opinions. 582 more words


Nasty Side Effects of Cyclophoshamide (Endoxan)

I have been on the Cyclophosphamide for just over 6 weeks and although my eye pain has got a lot better I am getting some horrible side effects. 337 more words


The Eye Saga Continues. Scleritis & Keratoconus.

For the past 6 weeks my eyes have been really good in terms of the scleritis.  I have had a white eye and no pain, even my vision seemed to be a bit sharper.  343 more words


Corneal Transplant for Keratoconus

Finally for the first time in over 2 years I am pain free from scleritis (eye pain).  That is amazing and down to the Cyclophosphamide I started taking about 4 weeks ago.  335 more words