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The Propeller Nebula is a very faint emission nebula in Cygnus. This is a stacked group of 30 five minute exposures in H-Alpha and 30 five minute exposures in O3 for a total exposure time of five hours. 16 more words

Astronomers Discover Most Earth-Like Planet Yet

CAPE CANAVERAL:  A planet believed to be remarkably similar to Earth has been discovered orbiting a distant sun-like star, bolstering hopes of finding life elsewhere in the universe, US scientists said on Thursday. 536 more words


Cygnus -meeting 17.-19.7.2015

The traditional Cygnus -summer convention of Finnish amateur astronomers was this year organized in Ylöjärvi, near Tampere, Finland by local amateur astronomy association Tampereen Ursa (astronomical association Ursa of Tampere). 417 more words


NASA announces findings of ‘Earth’s bigger, older cousin’

WASHINGTON — NASA said Thursday that its Kepler spacecraft has spotted “Earth’s bigger, older cousin”: the first nearly Earth-size planet to be found in the habitable zone of a star similar to our own. 400 more words


Gold Swan Trinket Box

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With the improving weather I was able to finish this off. The benefits of longer exposures are starting to pay off. The image is a stacked composite of 90 five minute narrow band exposures taken through the Astro Physics 130MM Starfire refractor for a total exposure time of 7.5 hours. 8 more words

Black Hole Caught Burping

A black hole that has been quiet since 1989 has been caught burping.

A NASA satellite monitored and controlled by Penn State University detected a black hole erupting high-energy flares called an X-ray nova from a black hole 8,000 light-years away from Earth in a system named V404 Cygni. 342 more words

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