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MapleStory: Project MNP Announced!

In addition to MapleStory M which had its first closed beta test last week, another new MapleStory mobile game has been announced: Project MNP! Not sure what it stands for but it’s probably just a work-in-progress title. 114 more words



A short story.

Inspired by The Great Gatsby & Metamorphoses

There is a swan in the summer sky. A night full of stories, yet these stars shine the brightest, little points of light, perhaps the still-glimmering remnants of Phaethon’s aspirations. 254 more words

Pitch Pine

A very merry Tufnell Park Christmas

So… term ended spectacularly Christmassarily: jumpers, jumpers everywhere, with legion lights, baubles, robins and reindeer.  It was as if good taste had never been invented – fun and fabulous! 350 more words


No Aliens at Cygnus Star :\ #space #star

Remember the speculation that odd dimming patterns of a star in Cygnus might be caused by orbiting structures there, built by an intelligent alien civilization? Scientists jumped on the hypothesis and checked. 111 more words

Neat Science News

Akatsuki update: WELCOME TO VENUS!!!

Confirmation came in today: Akatsuki, the plucky little probe that wouldn’t give up, is definitely orbiting the second planet from the Sun!  It’s in a much higher orbit than it was originally designed for, but due to better-than-expected performance from the overtaxed RCS engines, it’s a better orbit than they had hoped for after the salvage maneuver.   84 more words