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Sethian Architects of the Egyptian Pyramids, from Cygnus

Is there a link between the correlation of the wing stars pf the Cygnus constellation (instead of the Orion Belt)  and the three pyramids of Giza, and the bird-looking extraterrestrials seen in a vision which happen to look exactly like the mythical god Seth of ancient Egypt? 13 more words

Cosmic Beings

KMS ver. 1.2.272 - MapleStory BEYOND: Arcana!

The third and final patch of the MapleStory BEYOND update has been released! It contains the fourth area of Arcane River, the Mystical Forest Arcana… 3,289 more words


KMST ver. 1.2.046 - Arcana & Fantastic Theme Park Renewal!

A new test server patch containing the fourth area of Arcane River, Arcana, has been released! The patch also contains an update to Fantastic Theme Park as well as a couple of smaller changes. 1,121 more words


Cygnus - Cosmos [FR014]

Fundamental Records present a vinyl edition of the previously digital only album Cosmos by Cygnus, composed out of eleven tracks (plus two bonus cuts on the 7″).  19 more words


Cygnus from methodtwomadness #writephoto

crossing north
on the road of souls
healing moon
reflects a
golden swan dreaming music
in between the stars

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