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Some of the tactics I use in other constellations will not work in the Cygnus (Fog) constellation. You can’t attack from a distance to get your opponent to move their units into a position less likely to attack you. 401 more words


KMST 1.2.057 - Tiny Changes

A new test server patch has been released. Honestly, the biggest and most jarring change is the image above, which is the new MapleStory icon! RIP to the original icon. 1,995 more words


New Broom

Converting from a DSLR to the ZWO1600MM-Cool camera feels in part like I’m starting out all over again and is exciting.  I’m getting used to the new field-of-view and its implications for framing, which is complicated further by using separate mono filters that can often make it difficult to identify on screen the chosen imaging target.   1,267 more words



I want to tell her to look up
into the night sky and imagine
the stars are forming pictures
just for her alone, and what she sees… 72 more words


Cygnus - the swan

The constellation Cygnus is a large swan, flying southward along the summer plane of the Milky Way. There is a dark lane that separates the cloudy path of our galaxy into two parts here. 583 more words


Transformation is catching on

Last week I came across 2 mentions of Transformation : one was connected to Jeremy Corbyn – it was with reference to Labour’s National Transformation Fund – wow! 127 more words

Fountains Court