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Science Fiction Today - Robots

Because of the bizarre order in which we have written my A to Z posts this year, this happens to be the last one that I am writing! 535 more words

Science Fiction

Puerto Rico and Latin American economies face robotic future

More news on the robot front.  A new report IHS Engineering 360 says that in 30 years robots will be able to perform any function performed by humans.   364 more words

Puerto Rico

Cybertronic Faction Inspiration

As part of building my Cybertronic troops for PRODOS’ Warzone Resurrection wargame I have started a Pinterest detailing all the images and ideas I’m using as inspiration.   136 more words

The Robot King

If I’m a robot.

I’m the very best robot.

Robot Overlord.


From The Archives: Battlestar Galactica - The Musical

Once upon a time, soon after the turn of the century, just for fun I wrote a few fake movie reviews. One of them was for “Battlestar Galactica: The Musical.” 765 more words


Ok here is part 2 of our look at Battle Star Galactica the Old vs. the New.

We left off with our theory that the new creators of BSG 2 took the original as a starting but really made a new original series out of it by taking the viewer into much more depth and in a much more detailed and different direction.  221 more words

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Our next project is a compare and contrast: Battlestar Galactica the late 1970's vs. Battlestar Galactica the new millennium.

We have not done a compare and contrast in quite some time, so we here at JPFmovies decided to take a look at the Battlestar Galactica series, the old versus the new, better?   11 more words

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