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Apollo Makes A Toy Aeneas

Iliad, 5.449-453

αὐτὰρ ὃ εἴδωλον τεῦξ’ ἀργυρότοξος ᾿Απόλλων
αὐτῷ τ’ Αἰνείᾳ ἴκελον καὶ τεύχεσι τοῖον,
ἀμφὶ δ’ ἄρ’ εἰδώλῳ Τρῶες καὶ δῖοι ᾿Αχαιοὶ
δῄουν ἀλλήλων ἀμφὶ στήθεσσι βοείας 216 more words


The original "Battlestar Galactica” 40 yahrens later...

A year ago, I wrote of the excitement and anticipation my then-11 year old self felt back in the fall of 1978 with the television premiere of… 5,458 more words

Rise of the Machines (and Garbage Writing): Will Westworld suffer Battlestar Galactica’s Fate?

By Loryn Stone

The one Sunday during the Super Bowl, the official Westworld Season Two trailer premiered. And it showed…well…a whole lot of nothing.

Nothing specific, at least. 1,730 more words

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Battlestar Galactica: Oh, Battlestar, Oh Battlestar, Wherefore Art Thou Battlestar Galactica?

I’ve been thinking of Battlestar Galactica  and thought I’d write a broad review of it as a whole (without spoiling anything for anybody!). Now, I’ve heard it said that Battlestar is merely “sci fi rubbish.” You couldn’t be more wrong. 1,319 more words


Number Six (2)

The revival sci-fi series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA/SCI/2003-2009 featured a blonde-haired Cylon woman in her 20s named Number Six (Tricia Helfer). She was “six” of twelve models of Humano-Cylon clones used to populate the emerging Cylon society. 273 more words


The Smart Machines Are Coming To Kill Us

this weekend, as my lyft driver tried to find his way from union station to my friends’ house (projected eta – 11 minutes, actual eta – 21 minutes), i had an epiphany. 371 more words


#70 So Say We All


Greg welcomes special guests Stephen McHale, Richard Burden, and Dan Joslyn-Siemiatkoski to the podcast to explore the sci-fi series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Why do stories of searching in the wilderness speak to our souls? 39 more words

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