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Don't Judge a Play By Its Title

I am sure that everyone has heard the old phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”. As often as I hear it I must admit that I still disobey it. 979 more words


Review: Cymbeline at Marin Shakespeare

I want to see every Shakespeare play performed live, so when I learned that Marin Shakespeare was putting on Cymbeline, one of Shakespeare’s obscure plays, I decided to go. 978 more words

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A Few Random Questions for...Annalisa Loeffler

Annalisa Loeffler is one of the stars of Boomerang’s CYMBELINE (running thru July 19th), playing the role of The Queen (so evil, she doesn’t even get a first name!). 375 more words

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Inside Cymbeline: Combat Blocking

This post marks the first of a series of posts that offer a glimpse into each rehearsal room.

Ben Curns plays double-duty at camp this session; directing… 93 more words

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Queen. Phillip Addison directed this little-performed Shakespeare play for Monroe County Civic Theatre in 2015.

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"The text most infallibly concludes it." -Love's Labours Lost, IV.2

Monday morning’s audition process had three stages. First, campers learned an acoustic song that was sung in a round.  In groups, they had freedom to turn that song into a showcase, to share their music, vocal, and dance skills.   198 more words

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Third-Tier Shakespeare

I’ve recently finally got around to reading a few of what I call the “third tier” dramas of Shakespeare. If Hamlet and Lear and Romeo And Juliet and a few others may be considered “first tier,” and perhaps King Henry V, Julius Caesar, and some others can be held to occupy the “second tier,” then the ones I would list as “third tier” would include: Antony And Cleopatra, Coriolanus, King John, and Cymbeline— all of which I have recently read for this blog. 1,273 more words

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