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Would have been a great morning to have the kayaks out.

Lee Ellzey

Typical Evening

Just a few views of what our evenings continue to be like! We live in paradise!

Lee Ellzey

Another Day

Here are a few photographs my wife took on one of our evening walks.  Just another beautiful day in paradise! Mexico Beach is very good for our souls! 11 more words

Lee Ellzey

Random Views

Just the view behind us while walking along Mexico Beach.

One of the larger pieces of coral we’ve seen while walking along the beach.

A sand crab who decided to watch us along the way.

Lee Ellzey

Beach Weather!

A full day at the beach! With a shameless plug for one of our favorites: All Tide Up!

Lee Ellzey

Sharing Sunset

We got to share our everyday life with a good friend this weekend!

Lee Ellzey

Beach Friends

These guys have been hanging out with us lately:

Lee Ellzey