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Did May and Hammond reschedule the budget to allow City fatcats to attend the Cheltenham Festival?

For some unexplained reason, Philip Hammond and Theresa May decided to schedule the March budget a week earlier than usual this year:


Hypocritical Lord Tebbit employs migrant workers on minimum wages to look after sick wife

Former Thatcher minister Lord Tebbit yesterday criticised peers during the Brexit debate in the House of Lords for “thinking of nothing but the rights of foreigners.” 359 more words


Murdoch 'news' channel uses fake Swedish Defense Advisor to lie about immigration

Murdoch’s so-called ‘news’ channel Fox News is now openly lying to its viewers in order to whip up anti-immigration sentiment.

Fox’s O-Reilly Factor this week featured a guest named Nils Bildt, who… 78 more words


Global real estate advisor excoriates Theresa May's white paper on housing

Reproduced here without comment is the response from Colliers International – an international real estate advisor – to Theresa May’s white paper on the housing crisis: 276 more words


Debenhams soak homeless man on Boxing Day - ruin his clothes, donated food

UPDATE: Debenhams now claim the soaking of a homeless man by a store security guard who then laughed and said the man deserved it – was “an unfortunate accident”. 186 more words


How a US PR company conned UK voters into voting for Brexit

Sorry Brexiters – but you’ve been conned. By an American. And he’s not even hiding the fact.

PR executive Gerry Gunster has been boasting about how… 164 more words

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