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BBC producer deletes blog where he admits political manipulation before PM Questions

A BBC producer has admitted in a BBC blog – now deleted – that Andrew Neil, Laura Kuenssberg and himself manipulated the news to negatively impact Jeremy Corbyn during Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday. 708 more words

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Flood victims resort to soil-filled bin bags after government refuses loan of water barriers

Flood victims in the north of England left high and not-so-dry by the government are desperately resorting to using bin bags filled with soil to protect their homes and businesses from the rising flood waters. 226 more words


Sshh! Don't tell anyone but Cameron is trying to hide a report showing the Bedroom Tax has failed

While Labour members are busy tearing strips off each other – the Cameron government has tried to secretly slip out a report today showing the bedroom tax isn’t working… 74 more words

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UK flood defences cut - while millions spent on bombing Syria and Iraq

Consider these three facts:

Cameron has consistently cut UK flood defences since he came to power:

England’s flood defence funding faces £600m shortfall

While at the same time… 57 more words


War propaganda begins: UK airstrikes hit Syrian oil field already "obliterated"

On the 23rd of October, the UK press reported that Russian and US planes had completely “obliterated” the Omar oil field in Syria which is under the control of Daesh: 119 more words

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