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"They're shakedown artists to me..."

What does Al Sharpton mean to you? Is he the kind, caring, warrior for justice he claims to be? Perhaps to you he’s a charlatan that’s incited race riots for cash? 100 more words


"They Say Get Back!...We Say Fight Back!"

I stepped onto the Staten Island Ferry and made my way to the civil rights vigil in memory of Eric Garner, a 43 year old father of six who was brutally murdered by a member of the Staten Island police department almost 90 days ago. 1,059 more words


"Hunger Can Be a Positive Motivator"

A few weeks ago, I attended the Association of Arizona Food Banks‘¬†annual conference. They showed a¬†video in which Stephen Colbert does his thing in response to a 2009 comment by then-Missouri state representative Cynthia Davis. 64 more words


A Mystery in Cabrini Green

If I can remember correctly I was about 11 years old the first time I watched the 1975 classic “Cooley High”. I remember it being an instant favorite and I watched it over and over for a month. 316 more words


Woman Arrested, Charged In Auto Insurance Fraud Case

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It wasn’t until Cynthia Davis had a minor fender bender that she realized she’d been taken to the cleaners. The car insurance policy that Davis needed to protect her, wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. 284 more words


Car Owners Scammed With Phony Insurance Policies

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — When Cynthia Davis had her Buick backed into by a cab driver on Saturday, she did what anyone should: She called her insurance company to report the accident. 332 more words