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The Shawl by Cynthia Ozick

There was something familiar about this story, but I couldn’t put my finger on it until I got to the end. I then realized that I had been horrified of the story once before as a teenager in English class. 310 more words


Welcome to History Month

As we are almost half way through with the month of March, I find it high time that I get going with this month’s genre. I have been battling some depression the last couple of weeks which leads me to want to do nothing. 384 more words


Gratitude ~ Days 1 & 2

I have decided to do a daily, short and succinct, ‘gratitude’ post, and the seed for this idea came about because so many nice things have happened to me lately. 278 more words


Views on Twilight series

So my blog tag-line states that I’ll be posting my views and reviews here. While I’ve definitely posted quite a few reviews (and even some quotes), I haven’t really posted any views.  1,914 more words

Book Review

[T]he secret engine that stirs into life a driven and unappeasable hunger to write cannot be prized out by assessing the writer’s background or experience or temperament.

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To say that such and such a circumstance is Kafkaesque is to admit to the denigration of an imagination that has burned a hole in what we take to be modernism—even in what we take to be the ordinary fabric and intent of language.

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[F]orm, in those disparaged Fifties, meant difficulty in the doing; meant the hard practice of virtuosity; meant the plumbing of language for all its metamorphoses and undiscovered metrics; meant the heritage of knowledge; meant, in order to aspire to limitlessness, the pressure of limits—rhyme, even rhyme, a thing of wit and brio, never an archaism.

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