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Door of the Hinge to you Dela? Little trick to hit-the-door here!

You know my dela; since bumping into you at centerlink and comparing a crystal pyrex funnel which as I said was brand new outside the office but had residue around us on the inside, I know you have been attempting to hit the door at… 97 more words


#NSWHealth a group of lunatic doctors going to fuck off!!

Look it is very simple NSW Mental Health the employee’s are at such a poor standard they need to be struck off. I have handed them on numerous occasion Dr Yolande Lucires medico-legal report on me, which includes a CYP450 test; do you know what a CYP450 test is, it is a medical test that shows the capabilities of your motabolism and what it can and can’t do. 209 more words

2nd 22nd Century

Just so you know alesha + kirrilly

Myself and the entity Elpiniki Iosif have known about you two for a lot longer than you have known about us; and we have taken precautions — which your genetic profile which is replaceable in angel being the two of us that concieved her. 110 more words


I want to show you something about industry heavy chemicals

When methamphetamine is manufactured in back yard labs most of the chemicals used, are none pharmacy based chemicals that have been filtered for heavy metals commonly Mercury, Lead and other complex metal heavy toxic substances. 98 more words