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What I suffer from isn't schizophrenia as rumoured!

I thought I would spend a moment to fill in the blanks, it has become clear to me that individual who can’t even write as literate English as I do seem to think I suffer from schizophrenia, well I don’t and this view like these individuals entire make up of their belief of who and what I am let alone the introspective relationship that is to them or themselves like spiritual rubbish or made up rhubarb that people like the decrepit… 1,334 more words

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I and pootz have no parents and can't be carbon date stamped #CYP450

The CYP450 test is a saliva test which is used for metobolic and general readiness for the current and any up and coming compatibility test with the medical drug chains on offer. 199 more words

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Today cause I can hear you in my heartlessness I know we will be forever

Kirrillea (Keiye) for many cycles of the decades I have heard you on the wind; in the sound of the motion and physics of this and many world; where since we weared the crowd and engulfed in a bipolar temporal anomaly where how this was done is but for us now a distant hindrance on what our life has been and always will be eternally; and exclusively not by choice but just in who and what we are each other natural match. 318 more words


Ethnobotanically Derived is the only Medicine @DEANews @NSWHealth @DrAShulgin

Believe it or not every couple of hundred years since miracle tonics in the yesteryear’s of history we remind the pharmaceutical companies that the only Medicine is always the principle in medicine which is Ethnobotanically Derived; that is something that reproduces itself in chemical chains or from chemical chains only found in the natural native foral and fawner of the population. 255 more words


Like nothing encounter before my CYP450 Test!

This test was done by Dr. Yolande Lucire; I will point out all I provided was my medicare and two buckleswabs of the inside of my mouth through the post from Marrickville, i did email Dr D Deam to ask to see if he can carbon stamp the second buckle swab which is why I provided the second one I purchased myself from a chemist. 73 more words

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Population Health Research and Disease Management – The Frontier (Part 2)

As a clinician or a student of medicine , one is often confronted with a serious question mark about the authenticity of medical / pharmacological treatments when the same dose of a drug fails to produce the same kind of response in two individuals of a homogenous population.( same ethnicity, sex , caste, region etc etc ) . 516 more words