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Foodie Finds - TL Resident Blogger Request

Do you have a passion for food? Do you think you are funny? Do you take pictures of your food? Do you like where you live? 260 more words


Be Brave

I imagine you know someone who you would say is brave. As I have been taking in the Olympic Games, there have been a number of stories of bravery, stories of athletes overcoming tremendous obstacles, facing their fears and bravely putting forth the effort to train and compete. 751 more words

Avreise & NYC

Onsdag var avreise dagen, vi møtte på flyplassen 09.30 og fikk beskjed om at flyet var innstilt. Vi visste ikke hvor lenge. Så vi sa forvell til alt av familie og begynte og sjekke inn. 519 more words


What We Behold Matters.

The Olympics Games provide for us the thrill of watching human beings achieve great accomplishments, the notoriety of experiencing history-making events, the captivating-intensity of competition, the exhilaration and national pride of our country winning the gold, and the inspiration of people who sought a goal and achieved much. 679 more words

Pakking, festing og ny vertsfamilie

Mye har skjedd den siste uka. Jeg har fått pakket ferdig. Noe som i begynnelsen virket ganske lett. Kofferten var stor, og jeg hadde god plass. 330 more words


Eagle Bluffs Summer Hike

Most of our units are quiet in the summer as most of our activities follow the regular school year. However, Guider Marie with the 14th Pathfinders hates to see good weather and free time go wasted! 235 more words

Girl Guides Of Canada

Are You Sensitive to Essential Oils?

Have you ever used an essential oil and wondered why you seemed to get an allergic type reaction, in most cases, rashes? 832 more words