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Cypress Type-C 101: Lesson 6 - CY4541 CCG4 Kit

http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/campaign/cypress/Pages/index.aspx . This lesson demonstrates the example projects and configurations provided with the CY4541 CCG4 kit. It shows and explains the examples that are documented in the kit guide. 6 more words


Cypress Type-C 101: Lesson 5 - EZ-PD SDK

http://www.futureelectronics.com/en/campaign/cypress/Pages/index.aspx . This lesson covers the use of the EZ-PD SDK in order to customize the behavior of a CCG device. In this case, an input button is configured to cause a source capabilities request from the port partner in an existing connection. 7 more words


Cypress - The essential Oil for Letting go

Cupressus Sempervirens, more commonly known as Cypress is anĀ Astringent. An astringent is any substance that causes tissues to contract by removing excess fluid from surrounding tissue, hence Cypress being the oil of ‘letting go’. 344 more words


Cypress pine frames 1 and 2

A matching pair–repetition adds strength and order (wall-paper designers have long discovered this coherent, calming effect of repetitive patterns)

The frames are about A3 size.

Cypress XIX

A letter delivers the news:

a row of cypress trees

to be removed.

My sway dance trees

soundtrack to birth.

A poem gestates…

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Art Weekly--Cypress pine frame 1

One of the prettiest woodgrains–cypress pine–carved with power sanding disk and drill, finished with olive oil and beeswax.
The picture is a photo copy of an American artist who specialises in Native Indian culture.