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The Fruit of the Spirit (GAGAUZ: Bible NT 2006 - Cyrillic)

GAGAUZ: Bible NT 2006 – Cyrillic

Galatians (Галатийалылара) 5:22-23

22 Ама Айоз Духун мейвасы – севги, севинмӓк, услулук, сабурлук, аӂыйаннык, иилик, инанӂылык,

23 йавашлык, кендини запетмӓк. Буннара каршы йок закон.


Lost in transcription

Just got back to the hostel. Wet because of a cloudburst on the last 500m. Moscow has a continental climate which means you are always dressed wrong.  659 more words


The imena.bg registrar has been announced as the alternative company to provide registration of .bg IDN domains, only the interesting thing is that the particulars in and through the IDN acquisitions do not really fall inline with the final idea of the ICANN overseeing authority – namely, imena.bg seems so concerned with ‘yo0u’ domain, that it actually restricts all access (i.e. 160 more words


Ελληνική η «καταγωγή» της ρωσικής γλώσσας

Ο Κύριλλος και ο Μεθόδιος διχάζουν Ρωσία, Σκόπια και Βουλγαρία

Γράφει ο Γιώργος Πετράκης 

Έμπλεξε την «γραμμή» η Μόσχα για την καταγωγή της σλάβικης γραφής και έτσι αφού πρώτα δυσαρέστησε την Σόφια, τώρα ενοχλεί και τα Σκόπια, καθως χαρακτηρίζει την σλαβική γλώσσα μετεξέλιξη της Ελληνικής και αποδίδει στους Θεσσαλονικιούς Κύριλλο και Μεθόδιο την διάδοση του κυριλλικού αλφάβητου στην Ρωσία. 


Russian Language Day

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m making an effort to learn how to speak and write Russian.  This is a long-term project that took a back seat when news of Russia-gate heated up and word of the Chechnya human rights abuses came to light.  422 more words

Cultural Highlights

Cyrillic Fonts

While we’re at it, let’s try out some Cyrillic fonts, with a quote from Wikipedia as the matrix:

Со́лнечная систе́ма — планетная система, включающая в себя центральную звезду — Солнце — и все естественные космические объекты, обращающиеся вокруг Солнца (Times New Roman) 1,378 more words


I'm entitled to one rant full of swear words

Belgrade was the one city on my trip that was overall not that enjoyable despite a fair share of amazing things happening. Let’s just say I got sick, although it was worse than that. 513 more words