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Germany and slavic nations now

I remember, that was a big nationalism in Germany, also with some antislavic views. Specially, against Czechs and Slovaks. Curently many young people would like to prefer learning those languages, for example Slovak, Czech, Polish and Russian from Germany. 62 more words



Contributed by Nick Younger. Check out more of his posts from this summer here.

Before arriving in Serbia, I heard some of the following: “Be careful, watch out for dangerous people,” “Is that near Latvia?” and “Remember to stay warm!” People did not really seem to know exactly where I was going, but then again, neither did I. 516 more words


A Cynical Introduction and a Rambling of Thoughts

Contributed by Carmen Cox. Check out more of her posts from this summer here.

Here comes yet another introduction of yet another blog post written by some college student who thinks she knows it all because she has taken a philosophy class and is able to use the word “whom” correctly in a sentence. 691 more words



Роштиљ и рима・グリルとライム・Grill and Rhyme 

🔵Дођеш на паркинг, начиташ се. Уђеш у кафану, начиташ се. Одеш да пишаш, начиташ се. Све у стиху. А и ћевапи до јаја. 49 more words


A Few Places in Ukrainian

Just mimicking the printed block letters. I hardly ever practice handwritten or cursive Cyrillic. I was more into giving that a try when I started learning Serbian (the language that introduced me to Cyrillic ), but since I almost always type everything (and everything is printed anyway), it’s too easy to just skip that part.

Language Learning

To Palatize or Not to Palatize

Note to self: ignore these written details.

Yep, I’m attempting to learn Ukrainian, sort of in the same way I’m learning Slovenian: through a copy of… 30 more words

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