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Cyrillic in the XMMS playlist

In the XMMS playlist, the default font for GTK1 does not display correctly Cyrillic file names. A commonly used encoding for Cyrillic text is CP1251. To select a font that supports it, go to… 64 more words



Я медленно изучению русского языка.


Serbian alphabet

As in every language, first thing we’re learning is alphabet. Serbian language is a bit special, because it has two equal alphabets. One is latinic (латиница) and second is cyrillic (ћирилица). 90 more words


Train Odyssey Day 6: Best of Bulgaria

Five String was really excited to visit Bulgaria. He spent a month in college studying in Russia and was excited to return to a country where they use Cyrillic script. 394 more words


The updated free Merriweather is finally available from Font Squirrel

The updated Merriweather Serif is available to download from Font Squirrel.


It hashas much improved screen rendering and support for Cyrillic; better Latin language support for Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Azerbaijani and many others that had been missing before. 56 more words


Why Cyrillic?

Have you ever wondered why the alphabet for Russian is not called Russian, but rather Cyrillic? Well, that is because it is named after a missionary name Cyril who died on February 14 in the year 869. 426 more words