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Loo-st in translation

Yekaterinburg railway station.


Waiting for a train. That will be more than three hours late. Something malevolent is trying to explode its way out of my guts. 505 more words


30 days of Russian - Day 1: Evaluation

Привет! This is the first day of my 30-day Russian challenge. I wanted to start by evaluating how much I know in order to decide where to begin. 649 more words


Why not learn Russian?

No, this is not some political post filled with rhetoric jargon throughout pages and pages of persuasion and reasoning, convincing you, the people, that it is in your underlying second best interests to learn the Russian language.  1,469 more words

Abitare Sans 1.06 out now!

After the successful selling of Abitare Sans I decided to add and improve some glyphs

➊ Improvements

Almost all the design of the main Latin letters was changed to… 74 more words


Factory of Tears (Belarus)

I will admit that this book breaks my self imposed rules, this is not a work of fiction or a memoir. This is a book of poetry. 201 more words


After a week in Sofia, I found myself in Plovdiv. This involved train journey of around three hours (costing a bargain €4.50). My train experience wasn’t too bad, just a little confusing because destinations are only written in cyrillic, necessitating scrutinising my ticket and trying to find a matching place on the destination board. 367 more words