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Euro bank notes added the word "ЕВРО" (in Cyrillic characters) due to which country joining the European Union in 2007?


:) You’re right! Bulgaria was the first EU member state with a language whose character set uses Cyrillic, so “EBPO” is now printed on… 35 more words


Kazakh Alphabet: No Place for Prescriptivism

Last October, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev decided to change Kazakh’s alphabet from the Cyrillic to Latin script by 2025. On the surface, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this. 211 more words

Russian Alphabet (Cyrillic) Challenge

I am a native English speaker and I have been studying Spanish for 4 and a half years through school and Korean for 1 year independently.   2,086 more words


Uzbek alphabet - Chữ cái

It’s easy for you to google how to write and pronunce Uzbek alphabet correctly on the Internet. Here I will repost them in this one thread so you can find all related things in one single search only. 448 more words

Uzbek Language

The Apostrophe's Tale, Continued

Kazakhstan is changing its alphabet. From DuoLingo, here is an example of the old script compared to the new:

Cyrillic: Барлық адамдар тумысынан азат және қадір-қасиеті мен кұқықтары тең болып дүниеге келеді.

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Београд is the Cyrillic name of the capital of which country?


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