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Cyrillic Mongolian : the October 2017 "Slavonic" item(s) of the month

Cyrillic became the chief alphabet of the Mongolian language in Mongolia in the 1940s and has remained so to this day.  “Mongolia” here refers to the independent country, an area also known as Outer Mongolia.  474 more words

New Acquisitions

„Сирилик“, Ивајо и Дина ги здружија силите за „Feel Like“

После одличната соработка за хитот „Во тебе се гледам“, прилепското дуо „Сирилик“ уште еднаш ги здружи силите со извонредната Дина Јашари, а овој пат им се придружи и Иван Јованов (


G.A. Burba's Outline Map of Mars

Original title: Карты-схемы расположения наименованных деталей рельефа марса

G.A. Burba: The nomenclature of Martian topographic features.  Moscow, Izdatel’stvo Nauka, 1981. 88 p. In Russian.

1-sheet version from quandrangles: H. Hargitai


G.A. Burba's Albedo map of Mars

Source: G.A. Burba: The nomenclature of Martian topographic features, Moscow, Izdatel’stvo Nauka, 1981. 88 p.


Tongue-tied in Russia? Nyet! (Maybe da.)

This is going to end in tears. I plan to go to Russia soon. I know only a single word in Russian, nyet, which of course means “no,” my favorite word in the English language. 596 more words


Russia part 2: Saint Petersburg

“Red wine with fish. Well that should have told me something.

From Russia with Love by Ian Fleming

Our first view of Saint Petersburg (pronounced… 1,488 more words