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Surprising Facts About Ancient Persia

In my sword-and-science fantasy novel The Origin Key, a third-century Persian prince discovers an incredibly ancient society with surprisingly modern science and technology. The prince is not amused when he is told that the revered Persian ruler Cyrus the Great created the Persian Empire with help and advice from Dodrazeb. 524 more words


The Getty Villa

Nestled among olive trees overlooking the Pacific Ocean is The Getty Villa. Located in Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles), a visitor is magically transported from the California joggers and surfers of the day, back to ancient times. 277 more words



About 2550 years ago, the latest king of Babylon deposited a cylinder in the foundations of a building which proclaimed to the Babylonian literati that he was just the kind of king that all the best Babylonian literature said a king should be. 618 more words


Iraq: Birthplace of the Human Rights Charter

When the French colonised the Middle East and Africa their strategy to subdue those they had invaded was to take a blade to the fabric of each society. 303 more words