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Growth of IVD in India

IVD is an important segment in the global healthcare industry

By Nitin Srivastava

Our country is one of the most populated countries in the world and among rapidly developing countries In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD), India leads the emerging nations and follows only the populous, developed economy markets of the US, western European countries, Japan and China. 330 more words


Ultrastructural studies on stomata in Avena (Monocots)

Photo credit: Phytomorphology

Ultrastructural studies on cellular differentiation in internodal epidermis of Avena sativa

by Kaufman P. B., Petering L. B., Soni S. L. (1971) 19 more words



​ Reproduction of Cells.—Reproduction of cells is effected either by direct or by indirect division. In reproduction by direct division the nucleus becomes constricted in its center, assuming an hour-glass shape, and then divides into two. 502 more words


Lymphoma Cytology 

In house FNA sent to lab, confirmed to be lymphoma – large cell
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Mast Cell Cytology

Image of mast cells via FNA in house cytology

Histopathology report came back as: Mast cell tumor, patnaik grade 2 (low grade in 2- tiered system)
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