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President acts Russian … names more than 30 “Czars”

Why hasn’t this gotten any attention recently?


Dems and their media buddies keep hammering Trump for being too cozy with Russia.

The slightest innuendo or chance encounter (think: Trump chats with Putin at formal G20 dinner”) gets blown up into a faux cause celebre that quickly evaporates. 289 more words

Obama Administration

North Korea May Just Be Merely a Hollywood Set

Have you ever considered the wild idea that North Korea may not be a real country, but just a psyop illusion, a Hollywood set run by the Satanists in Washington who wanted a credible puppet regime on the border of China and within a rocket launch of Russia? 495 more words

Albert Pike and the Three World Wars

Albert Pike received a vision concerning the plans to the three world wars, which he described it in a letter to Mazzini. Dated: August 15, 1871. 411 more words

The Truth

Moscow - Kremlin Area

Sunday August 4, 2013

Today was a very full day, although we were allowed to sleep in a little bit today. The problem with sleeping in is you can potentially miss some great photo opportunities. 490 more words

Russian Waterways St. Petersburg To Moscow 2013