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North Korea May Just Be Merely a Hollywood Set

Have you ever considered the wild idea that North Korea may not be a real country, but just a psyop illusion, a Hollywood set run by the Satanists in Washington who wanted a credible puppet regime on the border of China and within a rocket launch of Russia? 495 more words

Albert Pike and the Three World Wars

Albert Pike received a vision concerning the plans to the three world wars, which he described it in a letter to Mazzini. Dated: August 15, 1871. 411 more words

The Truth

Moscow - Kremlin Area

Sunday August 4, 2013

Today was a very full day, although we were allowed to sleep in a little bit today. The problem with sleeping in is you can potentially miss some great photo opportunities. 490 more words

Russian Waterways St. Petersburg To Moscow 2013

Hermitage & Ballet

Sunday July 28, 2013

First off let me tell you that this may be the last post to the blog for a while as we have been informed that the WiFi gets weaker when we leave Saint Petersburg. 335 more words

Russian Waterways St. Petersburg To Moscow 2013

Daily Poems 9/18/16: hands, a co-written poem about czars, & a new translation of a Rilke poem

At Poetry Daily, Paul Weinfield has a translation of a Rainer Marie Rilke poem from The Book of Hours:

Maybe I am traveling, like some secret ore, 139 more words