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Albert Pike and the Three World Wars

Albert Pike received a vision concerning the plans to the three world wars, which he described it in a letter to Mazzini. Dated: August 15, 1871. 411 more words

The Truth

Moscow - Kremlin Area

Sunday August 4, 2013

Today was a very full day, although we were allowed to sleep in a little bit today. The problem with sleeping in is you can potentially miss some great photo opportunities. 490 more words

Russian Waterways St. Petersburg To Moscow 2013

Hermitage & Ballet

Sunday July 28, 2013

First off let me tell you that this may be the last post to the blog for a while as we have been informed that the WiFi gets weaker when we leave Saint Petersburg. 335 more words

Russian Waterways St. Petersburg To Moscow 2013

Daily Poems 9/18/16: hands, a co-written poem about czars, & a new translation of a Rilke poem

At Poetry Daily, Paul Weinfield has a translation of a Rainer Marie Rilke poem from The Book of Hours:

Maybe I am traveling, like some secret ore, 139 more words

The Czars

There is a tendency, when writing of the history of a nation, to focus on the actions of rulers of that nation. American history books tend to divide American history by presidents, while British books differentiate the eras of British history by kings and queens, and later prime ministers, Chinese by dynasties, and so on. 546 more words