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Tying a caddis larvae

named as a Czech Nymph by Hackles & Wings, what i’m seeing in this lovely bug is an all-purpous, any time, anywhere caddis larvae imitation that’s bound to be the ticket whichever method you choose whether that be tightline, cast up-across or downstream, on a dropper beneath a dry or indicator. 130 more words

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“The question still abounds, ‘why do grayling love the colour pink?’ In the pink shrimp it’s fairly obvious, as our rivers do hold a number of these fresh water shrimps; however, it’s now a regular occurrence to see row after row of patterns in many angler’s fly boxes sporting patterns with pink bodies, pink thoraxes, pink ribs, etc. 268 more words

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Hydropsyche-farout-delic !

a wonderful Hydropsyche nymph step by step by Barry Ord Clarke via Mustad.

” In recent years, mostly through the success of the Czech national fly fishing team, this style of nymph has become extremely popular especially for short line river fishing. 249 more words

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Czech Nymphs and matching Indicators seen through a microscope.

Science once again showing us everyday things in ways we’ve never seen before. enjoy !

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My little loved ones

tying flies is something i do daily and i really enjoy every minute,I get many orders as the season go’s on,but this order of flies broke my heart as I handed them over. 57 more words


Cold,n Snowing.

Its cold and it’s snowing hard,but no matter what the weather its a hard job to keep me in the house. I LOVE fishing in the snow and the cold weather it make my pink Czech nymphs really come into their own on the river . 23 more words