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[RECIPE] Tahir Register's Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies From Scratch Just In Time For The Holidays HERE:

— Baking Is A Lovers Sport —

Dear SOULdiers,

This day was an interesting day. I’d been wanting to bake cookies from scratch for a while now, and after waiting so long, I woke today and decided, so what it’s not Sunday, so what there’s no special reason, I’m going to bake cookies! 440 more words

Tahir Register

Thanksgiving Recall

Hi Guys! I hope everyone had an amazing, yummy, cozy Thanksgiving with family and friends. I hosted this year – my first one ever! If I must say, it was quite the success. 407 more words


DIY Advent Wreath DIY / DIY Adventi Koszorú

Már lassan idejét sem tudom, mikor jelentkeztem új bejegyzéssel itt a blogon…sajnos a szüntelen rohanás, állandó időhiány, a mindennapok monoton menetrendje és nem utolsó sorban fő kenyérkereseti forrásomhoz kapcsolodó elfoglaltságaim nem sok időt engedtek mostanában a megpihenésre, ágyban lustálkodásra, édes semmittevésre. 527 more words


Pirmā Advente / First Sunday of Advent

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air. –W.T.Ellis

Lai Jums visiem mierīgs un jauks Ziemassvētku gaidīšanas laiks!


Homemade Lavender Oil for Restful Sleep and Relaxation

Lavender is one of the easier herbs to grow in your garden.  Even for someone without a knack for gardening (ahem, me), it’s virtually impossible to kill and grows all over the place. 503 more words

Primal Life

DIY: Easy and Natural Advent Wreath / Videi draudzīgs un vienkāršs Adventes vainags

Lai Bloga ieraksts neaizņemtu vairāk laika, kā “vainaga” veidošana, rakstu īsi :). Šogad – all natural!

Vainagam nepieciešams:

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Event Report: D.I.Y. Day at the National Portrait Gallery

In the middle of all this chaos, that IS my creative life, I found time to soft launch my personal blog, Gambare ipukekawaii! Things unrelated to Little INKPLAY Shop and it’s funding efforts will probably be dumped here! 472 more words

Event Report