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Healthy Summer Popsicles

Hello Food Lovers,

Today we will be making a popsicle since it has been starting to get a little bit warmer outside, we still want to have something tasty but healthy when it is getting warmer outside. 135 more words


D.I.Y Hydrating Face Mask

So, I have really oily skin but lately, my skin has been feeling dry even though the heat and humidity here in Abuja has been quite high. 404 more words

Natural Beauty

D.I.Y Spring Decor

Hello Everyone

I’m super sorry that I haven’t been posting that much lately, but today I wanted to post a D.I.Y for spring since it is April :). 204 more words


Should you store your BEAUTY items in the FRIDGE?

If you Live solo or have access to purchasing your own private fridge, then this is something you might be interested in. 

I know the headline sounds crazy, but actually there are some beauty products that are best stored in cooler environments, a.k.a your fridge! 511 more words


DIY Beauty Brush Holder

We’ve all seen those beauty blogs on youtube that show such pretty and elegant make-up brush holders and we’ve all wondered where they got them from & how much we would have to fork out to be able to have them well guess what, you can make your own for a reasonably low cost price,  with only a few things.. 132 more words


Love Irish Skin Campaign - Even Skin-Tone and Refine Pores

Ever since becoming pregnant I have been actively trying to take better care of my skin and embrace a more natural approach to beauty. I started this by researching and trying out different skincare regimes, only recently ending up with one that I find works for me. 805 more words


D.I.Y Series: Egg White Facial 

My first official D.I.Y Series!!☺️☺️ I’m really excited. I hope you enjoy this video too and comment below if you have done it and what difference you have seen 👍 9 more words