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D.I.Y Learning

Learning something new on your own is very challenging! You have to have self discipline, motivation and perseverance. Let’s just say, I was lacking in those areas (big time). 252 more words


Prototype Frame Assembly: Part 1

I didn’t get quite as much done on the weekend as I had hoped, as I was briefly sidelined by a stomach flu. But on Sunday, with the help of my father, we managed to get the lower frame assembled. 342 more words

An Interview with Tyler Fassnaught of Fire Retarded, The Hussy

Tyler Fassnacht is one of the recognizable features of the Madison Wisconsin punk underground. He’s been in a ton of bands, and the one he fronts, Fire Retarded, is a staple of the local punk scene, having opened for the likes of Cloud Nothings and Jeff the Brotherhood. 1,598 more words


Check, Check and Check

Hello everyone :)

When we first got engaged we had no clue about anything wedding related or where to start. I went out and bought an A4 pad and started writing. 1,257 more words



Ah, May. The month I realize there are less than five weeks of school left and freak out by trying to sew with both hands and my right foot at once in order to get my projects done before I become the full time personal assistant for my kids over the summer. 358 more words



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“The end justifies the means. But what if there never is an end? All we have is means.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven… 194 more words