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D-I-Y poetry & flash-fiction zine Bosc:Rev 4 open for subs

Bosc:Rev​4 – the D-I-Y poetry & flash-fiction zine, is now open for submissions on the themes of revolution & free-speech – Bosc:Rev takes over from the hi-fi Boscombe Revolution​. 72 more words

Hesterglock Press

DIY Moisturizing Mineral Concealer

I love this concealer so very much.

I have always run into problems with concealers because they either aren’t the right shade, or they clog my pores, or somehow they dry funky and made me look 15 years older than I am.   912 more words


How To Make Crayon Lipstick!

This post is going to be showing you how to make awesome coloured lipsticks from wax crayons!

The good thing about this genius idea is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money, probably none at all because you have it lying around in your house! 359 more words

Who Inspired You? A Story Of Inspiration - And A Big Thank You!

There has been someone, somewhere, for all of us, who made a difference in our life. Maybe it was teaching us to garden, or how to cook or can – perhaps it was to play a sport, an instrument, sing, dance, paint or write. 1,725 more words

Life In The Garden

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One of my favorite blogs for living a simpler, more self-reliant life.

D.I.Y Necklace Organizer

Pinterest is everything when it comes to organization. I am terrible at keeping my things organized and I needed a way to keep my necklaces from getting tangled. 82 more words

Thrifty Chick

Weekend Workout!

Trying to stay calm after silly turbulences… The only two moments when I’m calm and not confused are when I take pictures or when I make something physical… Therefore, today, I’m making stuff and taking pictures of it! Gnahahaa!


Turning Yards into Gardens & Neighborhoods into Communities by Food Not Lawns & Heather Jo Flores

Bring the author & founder of Food Not Lawns to your town to teach workshops, plant gardens & build community.

Lawns are the Worst!

Americans spend over $30 billion every year to maintain over 40 million acres of lawn. 833 more words

Food Security

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Just happened across this group in my research and this is in an awesome initiative in both food production and permaculture. Urban and suburban communities could make a huge impact on local food production and the environment.