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Weighted blanket woes

Mother and I are trying to make a weighted blanket for me. We’re having some issues, though.
What we did is got a duvet and made more pockets and funneled the plastic pellets into the pockets, putting painters tape over the holes to keep the pellets in. 170 more words

If You Can't Find It, Create It: In Three Quick Steps! 

If you don’t find it, create it!

Thanks to one of my retail therapy sessions I found the cutest D.I.Y project for my Calla Lily Girls. 242 more words

Daily Log:1 Non-original, new idea for me to note progress.

First it has came to my mind to simply list what I tick off my list or add on along the way.  Not tracking project progress just making notes of what was done on a particular day since I can’t always remember the extras.   178 more words


Outside Painting

I have a new phone and at the moment am trying to work out how to put my photos on to the computer. Really frustrating. I have several photos I wish to share with you re the garden. 91 more words


I Made the Patio of My Dreams

In the five years I’ve lived in my apartment, I’ve rearranged furniture, painted walls, installed shelves and rigged lighting to make the space feel like home. 720 more words


Relax Your Selfie - Facial Massages & How To Do Them

Most of the time when people receive a massage; they often neglect getting their face worked on but it’s the one area on the body with the most muscles concentrated in one area. 187 more words

Beauty & Wellness

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Check out the guest blog post I wrote for TheBrittneyParker.com Helping you put your best face forward with self care techniques for at home facial massages. Dancers, you are no exception. Get headshot ready with these tips!

Relax Your Selfie: Facial Massages & How To Do Them 

I do want to point out on the original the post the 6th picture is an error, it repeats the fifth. Sorry guys but I've added the original 6th slide for you below.


20170512_104757_Burst01 Did you know the  Bathe Barre  makes custom bodycare products from facial oils, to toners to bath salts? Tell me your face and body care needs and I can definitely whip something up for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Check back frequently on the B + B Blog for more facial tips,  techniques and recipes to try at home. #BBSelfCare  and you can also share your tips with the B + B community as well

Remember when the beat stops, let the balancing begin,


Toyota Avanza | Penggantian Door Handle

Assalammualaikum WBT dan Salam Sejahtera

Hari ini saya kongsikan sedikit bagaimana untuk DIY menggantikan door handle Toyota Avanza tahun 2005 saya yang telah pecah. Caranya mudah dan murah, saya ceritakan langkah demi langkah di bawah. 372 more words

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