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Life Hacks: Washing Yours Hands with Toothpaste

Okay, this is a veer from what I’ve been posting, but I LOVE life hacks. Who doesn’t? Travel hacks, safety hacks, money-saving hacks…everything is awesome. 204 more words

Healthy Hints

It's Been A While. . .Let's Catch Up!

So! Where to start!?! Well, my mom found this cute kitchen cabinet/hutch for $20! And, I had a lot of trouble with my tablet and so I was not able to take pictures of the process:( But, I can tell you that I used chalk paint for the first time and I LOVED IT! 56 more words


Homemade Electrolyte Sports Drinks

It’s summer and the kids are soaking in every minute of it. There’s been fishing. Plenty of time spent at the pool. And of course bike riding, and any other outdoor activity you can possibly think of. 365 more words


Tips for Traveling, or, How to Make a Book While You're Having Tea

I created one of my first handmade books on a summer trip when I ran out of space in the store-bought journal I had along. So, I improvised by constructing an emergency book out of hotel note paper, a store bag from a souvenir purchase, and the hotel sewing kit. 820 more words


Summer Indonesian Recipe

Sigh, my first 2015 Recipe!  I know, dramatic. Summer means too hot for extended time on the stove or baking.  Therefore, I make quick recipes that are hearty and filling.   205 more words


How to reduce shrinkage-D.I.Y.

Ahhh, shrinkage a natural’s worst enemy.  Shrinkage is more common with 3c, 4a, and 4c hair

You can either throw a fit or help to reduce your shrinkage and here’s how….