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Song Review: Daesung (D-LITE) - D-Day

Bigbang may be one of the biggest k-pop acts around, but they’ve also mastered the art of solo releases. Each of their five members has released solo work tailored specifically to their strengths. 243 more words


D-Lite (Daesung) - D-Day (EP Stream)

The BIGBANG solo projects have begun and Daesung gets the first shot. 319 more words

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Kang Dae-sung or Daesung or D-Lite (Big bang)

When I was in high-school, I had a classmate who was always smiling.
I’ve met her again, about two years ago in a class reunion and when I’ve told her that I remember her always laughing, she said:”If only you knew how much pain was behind my smile.” 1,131 more words


The Top Ten Best Songs by BIGBANG SOLOS & SUB-UNITS

Bigbang has mastered the art of sub-units and solos, scoring enormous hits even when its members aren’t together as a group. Given that I have already counted down solo tracks from… 376 more words


Big Bang - Fantastic Baby

Fantastic Baby
Big Bang

yeogi buteora modu moyeora we gon’ party like ririri rarara
mameul yeleora meoril biwora buleul jipyeora ririri rarara

jeongdabeun mudji malgo geudaero badadeulyeo neukkimdaero ga alright… 280 more words


Big Bang - Blue

Big Bang

gyeouli gago bomi chataojyo urin shideulgo
geurium soke mami meongdeuleotjyo

(I’m singing my blues) paran nunmule paran seulpeume gildeulyeojyeo
(I’m singing my blues) tteungureume nalryeobonaen sarang oh oh… 210 more words