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French Croissant : First Try

Plain French Croissants were my second subject which I shot last week (25th June I guess).

Short post peeps, don’t worry. :P

It was a random visit to the bakery store for a quite sandwich lunch, when I spotted the croissants on the counter.

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GD is Coming Out of The Closet!

Lol, you know I’m not serious, or am I? Now with all seriousness let’s talk about Series D, since I have high hopes for it. 205 more words

HLBM 42: Notes on the D-String – D-Lite

I keep on not making time to practice, because of how things are with work and because of my contingency project. I was thinking about that exercise in the HLBM that’s been giving me problems though. 278 more words


HLBM 41: Notes on the D-String – D-Lite

Sorry about my previous post. I don’t usually get like that. Since the world is going topsy-turvy, I think I know why I’m having problems with exercise 42 in the HLBM. 104 more words


HLBM 40: Notes on the D-String - D-Lite

I got home from work a little early today, on account of a severe thunderstorm alert. After settling and getting the baby to eat, she stayed with me in the living room, watching her alphabet videos while I practiced. 321 more words


Netizens get creative with ice cube trays shaped like BIGBANG singer's nose and mouth

Idol and boy band merchandise comes in many forms, and some if it is downright weird. Take, for example, this official ice cube tray set… 427 more words




Before talking about D*Lite we need to have a sufficient background about some topics.

First: Let’s start by the A* algorithm and the heuristic function which I discussed in my previous… 679 more words