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"the secret of secrets"

I don’t watch much television so after dinner, when the kitchen is tidied and food put away, I head upstairs to read. I love to get into my bed, arrange four pillows comfortably behind me, and find my way into a novel. 834 more words



PLINTH is more than a journal. PLINTH collects & manifests an alternate canon. Forming poetry, philosophy & fable, the science-fictional & alchemical, from essence to possibility, PLINTH undoes boundary or makes boundary womb for birth. 78 more words

she heard silences

Her hearing was keener than his, and she heard silences he was unaware of. ~ D.M. Thomas


Week 51: Stone, by D.M.Thomas


The first book of a poet should be called Stone
Or Evening, expressing in a single word
The modesty of being part of the earth, 230 more words


…what unknown or neglected by man, walks in the night through the labyrinth of the heart.

from The White Hotel by D.M. Thomas

I have just discovered that this is taken from Freud.

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We're All Drunkards Here. Harlots.

I came across this translation of an Anna Akhmatova poem via the web a few days ago, it’s apparently by D.M. Thomas, author of ‘The White Hotel,’ which is a fantastic book. 92 more words