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Translation: Even if it sucks ass, at least I passed sum thing

Headline from CBS News:

Trump tweets he is “very supportive” of Senate health care bill

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Where is the proof of Pelosi's masterful legislation?

From NBC News here:

“You want me to sing my praises?” she asked defiantly. “Well, I’m a master legislator. I am a strategic, politically astute leader.

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Does this Wall Street honcho spit or swallow??

Headline from CNBC:

Blackstone’s Schwarzman says markets at record levels because Trump-GOP policy agenda is ‘excellent’

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Disgraceful that cop who killed Philando Castile went free

Castile’s girlfriend:

“My boyfriend, Philando Castile, was pulled over because, per officer Yanez, he had a wide nose and looked like a suspect,” she said, according to KSTP producer Ben Rodgers.

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Hallelujah, a Democrat with a frickin' clue!

From NBC News here:

“One important lesson is that when they go low, going high doesn’t f**king work,” tweeted Neera Tanden, the president of the liberal Center for American Progress think tank, referring to Michelle Obama’s maxim from the 2016 campaign.

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Sometimes the universe is fair and just!

Headline from Reuters:

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns under investor pressure

Buh-bye asshole.

A rare victory over a hyper-aggressive, capitalist sociopath.

Enjoy it because it doesn’t happen often.

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But it's profitable!

Headline from Huffpo:

Locking People Up For Drugs Has No Effect On Public Safety Or Substance Use, Study Finds

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