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Ha! Last laugh on Dems re: Trump's wife copying Michelle Obama's Republican talking point speech!

From here:

Far from embarrassing Melania Trump and the GOP, then, it should be deeply humiliating for Democrats that their rhetoric is so bloodless and hollow that it can easily be spoken word-for-word in front of a gang of crazed racists.

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Right on time, Demopublicans go to the 'we're less evil' card!

From the Daily Beast here:

Bernie-or-busters crying about the Democratic ticket need to take a deep breath and consider the alternative.

And the headline is:

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Quote of the day!

From Salon here:

Substantive police reform will involve stopping the many ways that cops in the United States do the work of maintaining a racist and classist social structure.

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Take a look at the Democrats, Clinton to be elected only cuz she's not Trump!

Headline from Salon:

The GOP’s broken convention: The only thing uniting this party is their disdain for Hillary Clinton

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Another 'super progressive' potential Clinton VP, Tom Vilsack!

From here:

He loves GMOs. Under federal law, the USDA is charged with vetting new genetically modified crops before they enter farm fields. According to Patty Lovera, assistant director of the watchdog group Food and Water Watch, Vilsack’s USDA “has been the most GMO-friendly ever.” She pointed to a landmark 2011 decision to approve Kentucky bluegrass engineered to resist the herbicide glyphosate.

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Nice truck attack kills 84 civilians, U.S. airstrike kills 85

From Daily Beast here:

A U.S. airstrike in Syria is reported to have killed at least 85 civilians Tuesday after they were mistaken for Islamic State militants, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

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From the man who videotaped Freddie Gray

From the Guardian here:

“You had the people behind you, Marilyn Mosby,” Moore said, as if directly addressing the young African American prosecutor. “You had us, you fed us the shit that tasted so good… We gonna charge these guys with a whole lot of things that sounded good.

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