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Debbie Wassermann Schultz might be smoking crack

From the NY Observer here:

Wasserman Schultz continued, going off on a tangent about turmoil in the Republican Party. “It was so heartwarming, how if you look at the two contrasts that we have in front of us.

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Shitty candidates is not the same as negative politics

From Reuters:

HEADLINE: Negative tone of White House race sours young voters

EXCERPT: “It’s because of the selection of the candidates. I find them to be not just sub-par, but unusually sub-par,” said Epstein, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Latest move shows Facebook is run by ignorant, control freaks/f*ckers

From the Guardian here:

Facebook is finally going to consider whether or not posts are important to the public interest before removing them from the site for violating community guidelines, the social network has announced.

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People are not reading the leaked Clinton emails because they can't stomach our Pantsuit future

From Salon here:

Excerpts from various six-figure speeches that Clinton made in 2013 and 2014 reveal a politician who is not only quite friendly with Wall Street in private, but somewhat resentful of the American public for constantly attacking and scapegoating big banks for the financial crisis.

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Goldman's CEO/Vampire waves wand and makes crime disappear!

From Bloomberg here:

The latest banker to face the wrath of regulators is Wells Fargo & Co.’s John Stumpf, who resigned as chief executive this month amid the outcry over employees opening bogus accounts without customers’ knowledge.

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Did Hillary Clinton help put Assange in jail in London?

A lot of criticism has been levelled at Wikileaks and Assange for the complete email dump of Podesta’s correspondence.  Some folks think the personal email should have been screened out and only ones of public interest should have found their way to the intertoobz. 70 more words

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Go social worker Denasia Lawrence!

From Reuters here:

Lawrence, a social worker, wrote on Facebook that the opportunity at the preseason Heat game “was bigger than me.”

“Right now, we’re seeing a war on Black & Brown bodies – we’re being unjustly killed and overly criminalized,” she continued.

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