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Writing Challenge Day #15: Read your Horoscope and Write About Why you Agree or Disagree

Libra & Libra Rising

July highlights the bigger career shifts that you are making, adjusting to, and seeking out, but the lunar eclipse goes below the surface of all of that worldly work.

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Forced age regression

I added “forced age regression to my bucket list recently. I came across this person’s explanation on ddlgforum.com:

“Forced” Regression is like any other “forced” dynamic.

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Writing Challenge Day #14: Write a List of Hobbies You Can Start

Draw/paint more


Produce content to sell online

Zip lining



Learn chess


q and a: sex with me, p1

I’m getting more questions about sex from my emails, acquaintances, and workplace colleagues. A lot of curiosity about my sex life. While slavery is not just about sex, I know the sexual aspects of my life compel interest. 599 more words


My updated bucket list -July 2019

Here is my updated bucket list. Some things have been crossed off, some new things have been added:

  • seeing Daddy play drums
  • take a ride on Daddy’s bike…
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Writing Challenge Day #13: What Areas Do you Want to Improve In?

Inner calm

Physical activity



Slavery as a whole


Time management

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