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Cool stuff going on!

Hi all! I haven’t had the time to really posting anything for awhile (obviously) as I have been very busy with a lot of very cool happenings and promotions. 137 more words


I Made The Cut!

Despite the fact that the more nervous I get, the bigger nerd I become they ACTUALLY put my interview with RC Concepcion from Photoshop World… 147 more words


Finding the Right Camera Strap

All camera straps are not created equal and I am on a quest to find the perfect one; the holy grail, if you will. The strap that came with your camera is ok at first; but be honest, how many times has the danged thing slipped off your shoulder…or just felt like a rock was hanging off your arm? 714 more words


D-Town TV

Although D Town TV has now come to an end, I highly recommend any Nikon user, new or old, should watch all twenty-four episodes.

Each week, Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski ran through tips and tricks to get the most out of your Nikon gear. 57 more words

Scott Kelby

Nikon D-Town TV

I came accross this link while browsing one of the discussion in flickr this morning. Thought I might wanna share it here in my blog. 70 more words


To Nikon Fans & Users: Checkout Nikon D-Town

Hey guys,  Matt Kloskowski and Scott Kelby just launched a new website/podcast/show called ‘Nikon DTown‘ or ‘D-Town TV‘. It’s a show for Nikon D-series users. 84 more words

Scott Kelby