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Re-Blog - George Monbiot's Fowl Deeds

Fowl Deeds by  George Monbiot. Brilliant, knowledgeable, heartfelt. Please share.

“Fowl Deeds

19th May 2015

The astonishing, multiple crises caused by chicken farming.

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 20th May 2015…

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How would Drenge come across as a three-piece? The answer: pretty bloody good actually.

Date: April 10, 2015

Venue: Rescue Rooms

Since we last heard of Drenge, two more brutal rock duos have grabbed the limelight.

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And I will be waiting by the phone for an apology.

Musings on Life: Jobs, the Future and Goals

Over the years, I’ve done a lot. From blogging to becoming a Lamaze Educated childbirth teacher. If there was something that has interested me, I’ve dove into it face first and never stopped. 974 more words

Danielle Elwood

Dogs Eating Dogs, by blink-182

Released December 18, 2012

18 min, 59 sec

If one were to trust the words of Tom DeLonge (and that is, to be fair, a risky proposition), then the latest destruction of blink-182 can be traced back to Dogs Eating Dogs. 938 more words

The List

Francesco D'Agostino

Welcome to the MODG yearbook signing pages! To “sign” this student’s page, please leave a comment below. Please keep signatures to a reasonable length, as there are a limited number of pages. 10 more words