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Let me tell you something about demons (I know nothing about them, I intend not to)

Demons. They don’t scare me that much. The probability of me being the most religious inside a room filled with random people = .01, but I never doubted the existence of an all powerful and omnipotent God, and my God would never leave me alone with a demon so what is there to be scared about? 490 more words

Deadpool (2016)

Elevator Pitch

An irreverend ex-special ops man, after finding love with an attractive prostitute who he marries discovers that he has irreversable cancer, but is recruited by an organisation which says it can cure him. 340 more words


Când sângele mi se mocăie în tălpi

13 Decembrie 2018

                          Când o cărare se oprește într-o odaie de bărbat dar cu atâtea lucruri feminine împrăștiate, pe care nu prea le înțelegi rostul, ajungi să îți întinzi pielea de la picioare. 95 more words


Improvements I'd like to see in D

D, as any language that stands on the shoulder of giants, was conceived to not repeat the errors of the past, and I think it’s done an admirable job at that. 575 more words


Season 10 - Episode 23 - The Sands of Time


There is no intro with me talking this week. It is too noisy for me to record one. Sorry.


Gorrus, Sot Rue (and his new Golems) and Farven are finally making real progress. 21 more words


APAW 49/52 - Here I Stand

Found a lovely little journal made for bird observations. My yard list is kept digitally, but I’m thinking of transferring it to this book.

December 2018, … 11 more words


101 - Morning Star


Sunlight streamed through the windows, filtered by curtains. It was lightest alarm anyone could have asked for.

And yet, I woke up in a frenzy. 5,485 more words