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gpp&ccc day 6

j — a slow 4 (10:22) around the neighborhood. It is warm and the sweat was falling into my eyes despite the UNC hat and the sun is out and there’s a slight breeze and everyone is doing yard work and the bees are out and farm equipment was driving down the street and I realized beer drinking just doesn’t work well the next day when running. 56 more words


April 18 is National Animal Crackers Day

Here are today’s five things to know about Animal Crackers

  1. The famous Barnum’s animal crackers box was originally a Christmas ornament hung by a string. ┬áThe string can still be found on boxes.
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Bath: two poems

Great town.

It makes me think of Florence: because it has the same yellow buildings (q.: what stone is this?) and frequent, spacious squares.

Visiting here while Ben, my boyfriend, does some work with the local choir. 170 more words