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Hibernating wasps

Queen wasps usually hibernate under loose bark to stay sheltered from predators, frost and damp.  These two have found a comfy spot under a tarpaulin on a log pile.  105 more words

What Lives In The Wood?

Heading to Qatar with the Nikon D5

Professional photographer Richard Craig is preparing to harness the extreme high dynamic range features of the state-of-the-art Nikon D5 during a desert shoot.

The 33-year-old from Glasgow has been using the camera he bought from our… 370 more words



I want to brush a little on composition which in the photography world is not something to be taken lightly in fact it is one of the key elements within our arsenal as a photographer along with light, timing, shadow and so many other things… so how do we learn composition? 496 more words


Haley Strategic -Handgun D5

I just got back from Waxahachie, TX for a 3 day Haley Strategic -Handgun D5 course and I wasn’t disappointed. Coming from a behavior/training background it was right up my alley.   195 more words


Handsome and/or slender?

This fungus was hiding in the long grass in the clearing.  It is presumably one of the  yellow club fungi (Clavulinopsis or Macrotyphula families) but as usual, we’re not sure which one. 98 more words

What Grows In The Wood?

Dark bush cricket

There have been various crickets and grasshoppers jumping around the clearing during summer but now the weather is cooler, one of them slowed down for closer inspection.  107 more words


Just a quick note!

Now that my portfolio has been placed out (see the last post here) I can  now work on building it up…let the fun begin!

Looking over my images I can see that my wedding portfolio needs work, my street work is outdated from my skill level and I would really like to get some landscape progress going in my work, so the plan is to advertise for weddings and head out for some landscape practice for the next year I think… 40 more words