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Old Man's Beard

Given a patch of light in the wood, old man’s beard (Clematis vitalba) attempts to vigorously scramble up to the top of the nearest tree, like lianas in deepest jungle. 41 more words

What Grows In Our Wood?

Special guests & extra special guests

In July we entertained some woodland visitors in June with a semblance of a picnic.

One of our visitors left the wood with a special bonus gift attached– a tick!  32 more words


Pendulous Sedge

Pendulous Sedge (Carex pendula) is a thin-leaved plant with dangling flower spikes.

The grain of pendulous sedge can be gathered to make sedge flour, and wild food websites have recipes such as sedge apple crumble!

What Grows In Our Wood?

Limoniid Crane Fly

We’re used to the ‘Daddy Long legs’ but there are many other crane flies and near relatives in the UK. Just the 300 or so. Which makes identifying this character spotted lurking around the clearing a touch difficult from a photo alone. 128 more words


Herb Robert

There are so many unusual flowers in the wood that it is nice to see a familiar friend, herb robert (Geranium robertianum).

This is common in hedges and woods, it even seems to like scrambling over our garden wall at home. 12 more words

What Grows In Our Wood?

Red and Black Froghopper

These froghoppers get their name from the ability to hop when danger looms.  This red and black one (Cercopsis vulnerata) sat still long enough for a photo-shoot. 30 more words


Bramble Leaf Miner

This bramble leaf has been chomped by the caterpillar of a Bramble Leaf Miner moth (stigmella aurella).

The moth lays its egg under the surface of a leaf and the larva eats its meandering, ever-expanding way across the leaf until the caterpillar is ready to pupate and escape. 45 more words