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Eye in the sky

We are getting to grips with a new Phantom 3 drone and steered it upwards through the overhanging branches around clearing.  The camera showed mostly that the clearing could do with a tidy up to sort out random tarpaulins and piles of old tree guards!


Cross Country Crossover

The cross country season wrapped up this last weekend in California with the state championship race at Woodward Park, Fresno, where I finished 16th in the D5 schools race.   351 more words


Proper kettle

It is now cold enough to feel the benefit of a bonfire and there is no shortage of wood since we’ve begun coppicing again.

The kelly kettle is good for summer but now we’ve reverted a proper kettle for copious cups of tea.


Scarlet waxcap

This vivid mushroom appears to be scarlet waxcap (Hygrocybe coccinea).  The yellow irregular gills seem to be a strong identifier of this species.

Scarlet waxcap is usually found on unimproved grasslands but these specimens were growing amongst moss on the north-facing side of a rotting deciduous tree stump. 16 more words

What Grows In The Wood?