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Cross Country with the Volvo V90

Earlier this year I spent a week behind the wheel of the Volvo S90, the first Volvo I’ve been in since the family 340, a 1991-badge hatchback that was better known for its safety than performance. 998 more words


Honda S800 - Direct Fifth

Here is a quick preview of the next skin for Assetto Corsa:


Is Sony A9 the ultimate gear for action and sport?

DSLR is dying, yes we are knew that.

Camera manufacturer can hardly ignore the fact that DSLR market is shrinking. At the same time, the Mirrorless product is gaining her momentum. 851 more words



The Eurasian wren (Troglodytes troglodytes) is a small bird. It is polygynous; male birds have more than one female mate.  Male wrens build many nests for their females to choose from. 72 more words


Dog violet

Dog violets (Viola riviniana) are common in many habitats but seem to prefer the edges of our woodland clearings. They are one of those flowers you have to look at carefully to appreciate its daintiness, but even up close it has no scent unlike its relative the sweet violet. 14 more words

What Grows In The Wood?


The comma (Polygonia c-album) has ragged scalloped wing edges and cryptic colouring to look like leaves during hibernation.  The brown and white caterpillars resemble bird droppings. 72 more words