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First looks of the Nikon D500 and a peek at the Nikon D5 (Updated)

Note: This article was first published on 13th April 2016.

The D500 is something that Nikon APS-C shooters have been clamoring after for the longest time. 625 more words


Hands-on with the Brand New Nikon D5 Pro DSLR

By Spencer Lookabaugh

Nikon has really outdone themselves. Their single digit line of cameras has always been the pinnacle of performance in the camera world. From the game changing D3 (one of Nikon’s first full-frame bodies), to the D3x, the highest resolution camera available at on point, to the D810, Nikon has pumping out great cameras for years. 426 more words

MPEX Experience

Seven spots

The seven spot ladybird (Coccinella septempunctata to give its snappier name) is common enough to be described as ubiquitous.  Adults hibernate in clusters in cavities, and there are plenty of rotting stumps in the wood for them to choose from. 11 more words


Meet Bessie. Two.

I have a new special someone in my life. She’s wonderful. Amazing. She’s just absolutely gorgeous.

I think I love her.

Deeply, though of course cautiously. 358 more words

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A large feral population of muntjac exists in southern England and Wales, having escaped from Woburn Abbey in the 1920s.

Originating from the tropics, the deer have no particular mating season.  54 more words



Lesser celandine flowers (Ficaria verna) begin to appear from March and along with the primrose are a harbinger of spring.

By some peculiar medieval logic, the plant is also known as pilewort since the knobbly tubers look like hemorrhoids! 84 more words

What Grows In Our Wood?

The Photography Show 2016 - NEC

The Photography Show is the biggest photographic event in UK which take place in March every year. Thousands of visitors come to test, look, and buy something from photography world. 75 more words

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