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10 Lightning-Speed Celebrity Memoirs: How Soon Is Too Soon?

It seems like just yesterday that Gabby Douglas was doing back handsprings. Now, she’s writing a memoir, due out in December. Who else rushed to the presses after making a name for themselves?


WATCH: TIME Talks to Ted Williams, The Man with the Golden Voice

Ted Williams’ life was forever altered when Columbus Dispatch reporter Doral Chenoweth approached him, uttering with the slightest touch of condescension: “I’m going to make you work for your dollar.” It was perhaps the most honest work Williams had done in years. 578 more words


WATCH: Ted Williams, The Golden Voice, Covers ‘Call Me Maybe’

It’s the meeting of the memes: Carly Rae Jepsen’s earworm “Call Me Maybe” as performed by another Internet sensation, Ted Williams — the 54-year-old YouTube superstar who rocketed to fame in early 2011 as the man with the “golden voice.” “Call Me Maybe” has… 98 more words


Ted Williams Gets a 'Golden-Voiced' Social Media Gig

Don’t know who Ted Williams is? Oh yes, you do. In a dusty corner of the pop-culture side of your brain, you remember the bittersweet 2011 story of… 191 more words


Whatever Happened to Ted Williams, the 'Golden-Voiced' Homeless Man?

Ever wonder what happened to Ted Williams, the homeless man with the “Golden Voice,” after he was plucked out of obscurity and thrust into the viral limelight? 215 more words


The Top 10 Viral Videos of 2011

From Auto-Tuned pop songs to inebriated cooking to one nasty woodland creature, 2011 was a top-notch year for viral videos. The number-one choice this year may not surprise you much, but it will get stuck in your head again. 21 more words


January's Top Viral Videos: Kanye, Golden Voice, Cute Kids

It took a “golden-voiced” homeless man, a father-daughter duet and a hilarious fall to get us through the dreary month of January. 89 more words