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Is it too late for New Years Resolutions?

New day new plan…

Waking up today I decided that I am going to change my life around and hopefully the family will follow in suit. 353 more words

Correcting Bad Behavior in Kids

Have you ever been in the supermarket and you see out of the corner of your eye a kid asking his mom for candy, and she says,”No, not now, Billy,” or whatever his name is, and the kid throws a hissy fit because he is not getting what he wants? 713 more words

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“Why what, mate?”

“Why on earth have you dragged me out of the house at a quarter to 8 on a SUNDAY!?”

“Are you objecting on religious grounds?” 531 more words

Travel Blog: Lynton - Exmoor National Park

When it comes to going away as a family, we kind of like to do things a little bit randomly. Did we have any particular reason for choosing the small town of Lynton on the coast of the Exmoor National Park? 1,246 more words

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Holding On To This Moment

Tonight as I got my 17-month-old son ready for a bath, and saw him running with a smile that could cure all the tragedies in this world, I realized something. 371 more words

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When Should You Buy a Home?

Dads (and moms), do you know the difference between a dad who rents versus a dad who owns the home where his family lives in? The difference may not be immediately apparent. 746 more words

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“This is bull!”


“Every time I throw food I get a bollocking, yet tonight, it’s perfectly fine?”

“Yeah, but…”

“I’ve been chastised daily for throwing food around at dinner time, but tonight it’s actively encouraged?!” 225 more words