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Rejecting the Dad-bod: A Comedy

There’s nothing funny to me about having a dad-bod. I reject the cultural cuteness we’ve given it over the past few years. I had a dad-bod before I had a son, but no one gave me a high-five for being so hip and ahead of the curve(s). 964 more words


OMG! We Get Married In 7 Days!

OMG indeed! It certainly feels like we have been waiting an eternity for our big day to roll around.

I asked Chelsea to marry me way back in December 2014. 790 more words

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My Son Doesn't Like Me

Well, it happened. My son doesn’t like me.

I knew the day would come eventually. My jokes were destined to get stale, my fatherly opinion would turn overbearing, and classic dad-son disagreements would naturally ensue. 456 more words


Featured Resource: Dad Bloggers

In a time when a Mom Blog is as easy to find as your nose, Dad Bloggers is an online community of over 1,000 writing fathers. 127 more words


...is Putting the Kids Down For Bed

5 1/2 months old: Is it normal to feel like you spent “all night” just putting them down for bed, one getting startled just when the other is finally asleep, starting all over again, trying every binky, song, rocker, stuffed animal, multiple burps, finally letting the one who wants to be a Roly-Poly do so on your bed with five different pillows until he gets snuggled just right – 3/4 on his tummy with his legs splayed different directions (supervised the whole time of course), only to sneak out of the room & realize it was really only an hour and half and you suddenly feel victorious? 26 more words


Swimming Pools and Babies

Swimming is one of those jobs you know you’re going to get as a dad. I don’t want to stereotype, there’s enough of that when it comes to dads ( 643 more words


Chill Out

This post was featured on SICMamas.com Thank you Stephanie Lowry for the support.

Fathers get stereotyped most of the time because of a role that has been pushed on us. 956 more words