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It's Anna's First Day at School... And I'm Ready For It.

Lots of people get anxious or upset about their children starting at school. They are worried about how their child will cope, how they will settle and whether they are old enough and ready for big school. 1,283 more words


Choose Your Words Wisely

Your children will have plenty of people in their lives telling them that they are wrong.  They will have no shortage of voices saying “You can’t,” “You’re not good enough,” “You’ll never make it.”  There will be enough people telling them to sit down, to shut up, and to give up.  110 more words

Guest Post: Ashley of Post-grad Jitters, on the Love of the Game

Today’s post is one of the shortest ever on Coach Daddy.

It’s definitely the shortest guest post. It’s from Ashley Mahoney, a fellow sports writer. She conveys a love of soccer so succinctly, she doesn’t need 600 words. 396 more words

Coach Daddy

Rad Dad Catch Up!

As I warned in previous posts, I will forget about this blog and drop off the face of the earth for months at a time. I did just that. 851 more words


Nerves, Nesting, & Couvade Syndrome: A Husband's Pregnancy

I’ve slacked off this week. There is no other way to put it. I haven’t wanted to write. I haven’t been active on social media. I haven’t so much as communicated with anyone outside of my family. 581 more words


When your worst nightmare comes true...

My son is stronger than me. As I type this I’m looking at him sitting on his mother’s lap giving me his signature toothless smile while half his face is covered in bandages and an unfamiliar medical scent emanating from the little part of his scalp that’s exposed. 556 more words

Ray or Lee Files, Again

I have a running, not totally complete list of stories regarding crimes perpetrated by people whose middle names are usually “Lee” or “Ray.”  I’m not sure why crime and those middle names are associated with each other; perhaps it’s an aural fixation by a low-rent brain. 166 more words