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He's gonna cry

There are going to be days where your little dude or little doll is gonna cry. And cry. And cry and then yes, if you haven’t guessed it yet, cry some more. 624 more words

Guest Post: Jenn Crowell, on Pragmatism

You know you’re cool when your blog URL is your actual name.

That alone isn’t what makes today’s guest poster cool. Jenn Crowell, of, you guessed it, … 711 more words

Coach Daddy


I don’t know if I’m a good dad. Korina made me a vinyl decal, at my own request, that says “world’s okayest dad”.  That’s a title I can live with.   604 more words

Help! My child is crying.

I am writing this piece as more of an observation than anything else..

Picture the scene… You’re sat in your lounge watching the latest installment of your favourite television show or out on a thrilling trip to yet another play park, then all of a sudden from your kids location are the instantly recognisable tones of your child crying in pain and anguish. 840 more words

Dad Blogs

Guest post: Diana Tierney of Creating Herstory, on Women We Wish Could Have Blogged

Somewhere between A and Z, I found Diana Tierney.

In the random road map of discovering new blogs through the A to Z Challenge, I clicked on Diana’s… 773 more words

Coach Daddy

Full Circle

I used to have a battered cardboard box that contained the evidence of my youth. A period that not only seems a lifetime ago but a span of years that as an adult I have tried hard, with limited success, to distance myself from. 698 more words

Tobias Whitaker