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Go North Young Men

Last year I up and surprised my wife with a trip to visit a friend in Washington D.C. I took the days off from work and was planning to just chill with the Hobbits for the four days at me casa. 839 more words

No Joke: This Post is All Jokes.

I’ve wanted to write this post for a while.

Mostly because jokes rock. Especially when kids tell them. Can I get a witness from parents who’ve gone through the “I love knock-knock jokes” phase of childhood? 594 more words

Coach Daddy

Go Ask Daddy About Food Phonetics, 007s Rides and What The Lord Thinks of Your Threads

You just never know, guys.

Anything’s possible. We could elect an evangelical Christian as president. Someone could dig up a 1,111-karat diamond. Tennessee Mom can come around and see Cam Newton… 777 more words

Coach Daddy

Go Ask Your Mother

Welcome to my blog, I have decided to write these entries to share everyday stories of being a working dad, a husband to a very successful wife and just how rewarding a busy family life can be…..enjoy the journey.

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Guest Post: Tiffany of Sounds Like Life to Me, on Raising a Girl

I’ve believed Tiffany’s words from the start.

“So my first time on your blog,” she commented, “and I’m hooked!” Sometimes you get sweet first comments like this. 1,679 more words

Coach Daddy

Lights, Phone, Action!

Cute Cut App

The first video I ever made as a daddy was called ‘Liam the Happy Ninja’. In the minute clip Liam, then under a year old, laughs historically as I swing his hands karate kid style. 826 more words

Go Ask Daddy About Rooskies, the Fab Four and Daddy's Downfall at Target

I hope my girls learn by osmosis.

When they get in my car, if I turn my radio down a little – to say, 12 – I can keep NPR on and they won’t even notice. 720 more words

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