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11 Essential Questions for Every Youth Soccer Coach

So, you’ve volunteered to coach soccer.

Your life will change. How much depends on you. It’ll force early hair loss, or high blood pressure, perhaps. Or, it will reveal character and strength you never knew existed. 748 more words

Coach Daddy

Dear Journal: The waiting game...

What a week…

Think about your favorite Christmas or birthday gift you’ve ever gotten.  Now imagine it was Christmas Day or your birthday, and your parents were like, 95 more words


P-A-I-N-T Is How Niblet Spells 'Fun'.

Thanks to finally getting a smart phone – and therefore, an Instagram account – I haven’t been posting too many pictures of my fantastic Super-Villain In Training here, but let’s remedy that, shall we?   628 more words


The Birth of a Blog

I figure I start my first blog post on a slightly celebratory note.  Today happens to be my birthday.  Although as I get older, I seem to be less and less enthusiastic about May 27th.  403 more words

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Go Ask Daddy About South American Seeds, Latin American Moves and One Tough American Chick

It’s back.

Two years ago, I held a kid selfie contest here on the CD. The rules were simple: Send in a selfie your child took with your phone. 887 more words

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New Baby Cigars: Should I keep up the tradition?

When it comes to the tradition of breaking out cigars after your child is born, I have no idea what I’m doing.

I’m not sure how accurate the following information is about where this tradition stems from, but it makes sense so we’ll roll with it. 212 more words


TOP 6: Best kicks for kids

Let’s face it, kids outgrow their shoes so fast that buying the latest and greatest sneakers for them just doesn’t make sense.  If you lace your kids up in OG Jordans, they’re bound to trash them in a week. 267 more words