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Planning for a First Birthday Party

Captain’s Log. January 18, 2019. 1:08 PM. Place of labor. Eighteenth entry.

Yesterday, the first birthday of the Young Squire Giggles McCracken, saw the arrival of Baron Leanhärdt and Countess Häusaplan to our dwelling. 350 more words

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Making a Man - My Son is One

Captain’s Log. January 17, 2019. 11:25 AM, place of labor. Seventeenth entry.

Today is a day for much celebration. The littlest member of my family (albeit likely not for young, as he is growing at a rate five times more rapid than that of his older sister), Young Squire Giggles McCracken, turned one whole year old today. 591 more words

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Cookie Sales

Hello Friends,

We are wrapping up the annual Girl Scout Cookie sales and I realized I did not tell many of you about it. That’s right, cookies available since the first of the year, and you’re just now hearing it from me. 162 more words

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The Start of a Very Big Weekend

Captain’s Log. January 16, 2019, 2:47 PM. Place of employment. Sixteenth entry.

The journey southward of Baron Leanhärdt and Countess Häusaplan will commence in a few short hours. 384 more words

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The Enchanted Hour by Meghan Cox Gurdon

Ah, the power of #bookstagram (aka. instagram for sharing the love of books)… A friend of mine shared this book to me and I knew I just had to read it. 420 more words

Book Review

There are many, many, ways to ‘succeed’ in life.

For me being a nice, decent, caring person is the primary way this can be achieved. I’ll be far more proud of Sam if he looks out for the needs of others than if his face is available to stick into a Panini album (I’m talking stickers here, not sandwiches).

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Opening Children's Bank Accounts

Our eldest has had a bank account, actually a building society account, for probably four of his five years. Our youngest is two and we’ve never opened one. 280 more words