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📔 10 things grateful, plus a beat up journal | #gratitudeandshit

I’m on the last page of my first gratitude journal.

The thing’s destroyed. The back cover? Gone with the wind. If it wasn’t Star Wars themed, it might look like something a general in the Korean War might have kept. 631 more words

Dad Moments

🎥 Go Ask Daddy About Movie Casting, Data Blasting, and Bald Britney

I’ve fallen behind on all the Star Wars movies.

It pains me to say that but also doesn’t. Camdyn didn’t give the most glowing review of Solo: A Star Wars Story. 1,085 more words

Dad Moments

👴🏽 5 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Aging

Writing’s been a bit of a struggle of late.

Not the writing that pays the bills. Although, that’s been a slough too, to be honest. I read lots of cool newsletters and emails about writing newsletters and emails. 766 more words

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10 things grateful, plus a coupla graduations 🎓 | #gratitudeandshit

We’ve got two graduations in three days.

I’m not talking those horseshit half-graduations for third graders, either. Full-blown, leaving this school, taking my game to the next level graduations. 617 more words

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10 things grateful, plus that kickass feeling ✈️ | #gratitudeandshit

I’ve just got that feeling.

I’m not worried about jinxing it. I never have. Things aren’t perfect. Are they ever? But optimism … it’s tough to cover up. 697 more words

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#GirlsRock: An interview with editor and coach Sara Letourneau 🌅

As long as I’ve longed to write fiction, Sara’s been my guide.

So many of her posts on Sara Letourneau’s Blog have bookmarks attached on my browser. 1,871 more words

Dad Moments

Go Ask Daddy about follicular properties, sweet debates 🧁, and milestones for our beautiful game

Sometimes, the kids don’t believe me.

I used to be a football player. And I used to have big hair. Not really at the same time, though. 1,346 more words

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