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👨‍🍳 Daddy in the Kitchen: Leftish Meat-Free Minestrone

I play right into the stereotype.

All this burger-pizza-taco talk gives a boy a reputation. There are worse reps, yes. Like, kale-edamame-tofu. Blech. But even we hardcore enchilada chompers… 377 more words

Dad Moments

💉 Go Ask Daddy About needle pain, baking tips and sites for the big game

Know what’d be cool?

It’d be cool if our president and the World Cup MVP would meet. If one of them – doesn’t matter who – put politics aside, for a day. 1,033 more words

Dad Moments

300 Writing Prompts: My Day as a Cartoon 🦕

I grew up on cartoons.

If it was animated, I watched it. Even Johnny Quest. No. Not Johnny Quest. But just about everything else. Remember Wonder Twins? 397 more words

Dad Moments

🌰 10 Things Grateful - plus possums who somehow make it #gratitudeandshit

It’s been a good weekend.

I’m writing this somewhere over what looks like Arizonewmexitexas. I’d know for sure if I could see if those are Cardinals or Cowboys car flags attached to cars down there. 651 more words

Dad Moments

😕 Go Ask Daddy About Plant Eaters, Color Collections and What Happens if You Cross the Border for College

The questions have begun to dwindle.

The girls just don’t ask as many questions. They have answers. Or, they don’t look to me for them as they once did. 977 more words

Dad Moments

💛 A Father's Day post written after Father's Day (and posted way after Father's Day)

I keep a foot in happy and sad each Father’s Day.

The happy is easy: I have three wonderful daughters who enrich my life beyond measure. 622 more words

Dad Moments

🎡 5 Small But Important Things To Observe In Parenting

Parenting has a ton of nuances.

You’re doing it even when you’re not doing it. You’re doing it, especially when you’re not doing it because little eyes are watching you. 881 more words

Dad Moments