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⚽ 10 Things Grateful, plus extra soccer #gratitudeandshit

We made it!

After a season of grit and a whoopin’ or two, we made the state playoffs. They assigned us in Round 1 to a remote outpost: East Wilkes. 673 more words

Dad Moments

🙅🏽‍♂️ Go Ask Daddy about cream science, tequila compliance and the history of stinky schools we hate

My girls always knew dad’s hands were warm.

It’s a good thing when you’re a dad. As they’ve gotten younger, they don’t come to me for hand-warming much anymore. 1,142 more words

Dad Moments

📧 #GirlsRock: An interview with e-commerce content manager Blair Brown

In the job-search shuffle, you sometimes make friends.

That’s how it got started with Blair and me. We both worked in newspapers, at the same rag, in fact (although different time periods – separate eras, really), and work both in online content now. 1,222 more words

Dad Moments

🦸‍♀️ Weekend Reads VII: Moms Rock

God, moms.

No, that’s not a redundancy, although it kind of is. Moms do make the world go ‘round. You know I love moms. I feel like moms read this blog. 590 more words

Dad Moments

#AtoZChallenge: V is for Virtually anything

It’s going to be tough to claim victory in this one.

I’m days behind, trying in vain to catch up for the A to Z challenge. 905 more words

Dad Moments

#AtoZChallenge: U is for using up all your subs (Go Ask Daddy)

I can’t help it.

When the kids say something about subs at a soccer match, my mind goes to steak and cheese. Or turkey and avocado. 939 more words

Dad Moments

#AtoZChallenge: T is for Three Hundred Writing Prompts (Guilt)

Way up here, there’s no Wi-Fi.

Which is good. That means I can’t check email or get lost on Instagram. Again. It means it’s a good idea, while I’m on this flight, for me to have packed a couple of books loaded with writing prompts on my way… 1,097 more words

Dad Moments