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🪂 Word to start the week: Glide

The cool thing about being a dad, I was telling Camdyn while putting on my shoes, is that we can wear anything we want.

She gave me that look again, the one you’d see from someone on a practical jokes show. 681 more words

Dad Moments

⏯️ 10 Things Grateful, the dusted-off edition #GratitudeAndShit

Last time I was here, in gratitude land, I posted the blog on dial-up.

Okay, so maybe that’s a stretch. I’m grateful as hell, but just haven’t had the time to be grateful as hell. 794 more words

Dad Moments

🚧 Here's What No One Tells You About Reconstruction

There’s some serious reconstruction happening, friends. It started right around the time I left for Detroit and it’s happening now. It hits me when I step back into this blog and realize it’ll be more than a month since my last post. 884 more words

Dad Moments

⛰️ I went on walkabout in Gatlinburg to pay for donuts. Here's what happened next.

I love to walk.

If it’s within a mile or so, I’m so hoofing it. Unless I’m pressed for time. Or it’s all highway with no sidewalks. 683 more words

Dad Moments

🆒 10 Things Grateful, plus meager efforts to write again

I’m in a spot with not enough time to finish this, but also not so little time I can’t start.

And that’s sort of been the calling card in my life lately. 668 more words

Dad Moments

🌐 Go Ask Daddy about foreign language, breakfast nutrition, and omens your ticker's at risk

I’ve been doing these surveys online.

You can earn money on them. I’ve probably gathered $10 toward my stupendous PayPal balance by revealing my spending habits, taking quizzes about commercials that air during Live PD, and disclosing just how… 909 more words

Dad Moments

📅 Calendar convergences and driving Ms. Hayden (and Mr. Allistair)

Even when you ain’t writing, you’re writing.

Kinda like the Rockies’ bats lately, my words have ground to a crawl. When this happens, you churn on. 914 more words

Dad Moments