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A pillow thief

Thursday, February 4

There is such a thing as a ‘Pregnancy Corner’ and it exists in my house.

It is a corner of the couch that my partner has occupied, nay moved into, that I am not allowed to enter. 446 more words


A bit much

Tuesday, February 2

It’s an age old problem and everyone knows someone who does it; the ‘too much information’ guy.

Amongst some of my groups of friends, I think this could be me. 563 more words


The wonderful world of pregnancy cravings

As every good woman knows, the surest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And let me tell you, in week 7 of our journey towards parenthood, with pregnancy cravings now in full swing, my stomach (and I) couldn’t be happier. 324 more words


Life as an impatient Dad in waiting

Are you feeling any different today? Any morning sickness yet? Do your boobs feel any bigger? How much longer til our first scan? How big is the baby this week? 533 more words


We need to talk about miscarriages

It’s a subject that nobody wants to talk about, especially with expectant parents.

But anyone who is trying for a baby, or indeed has one on the way, should be aware of the true facts about miscarriages – not to incite fear or create unnecessary stress, but to prepare ourselves should the worst happen, as unfortunately, miscarriages are more common than you’d think. 520 more words


A baby shop

Saturday, January 30

Today I was duped. Led down the garden path. Seduced by sweet distractions.

“Let’s go to the fishing and camping store,” she said. 593 more words


A Man's guide to baby growth during pregnancy

Now for those of you dads (and mums)-to-be who have downloaded one of the many pregnancy Apps on the market today, you will no doubt have come across the numerous baby size charts, which set out how large our bundles of joy will grow over the next 40 weeks – by comparing them to seeds, fruit and vegetables. 191 more words