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Phillip's View

Hey friends!! Today is Monday November 20th, 2017 and I am 35 weeks pregnant! Today’s blog is going to be from a different prospective. I asked my husband Phillip if he could write today’s blog post. 1,295 more words

It’s a........................


It sure feels so good to not be keeping the gender of our baby a secret anymore! We told close family, but not anyone else because we wanted to tell the whole world through the gender reveal photoshoot. 299 more words


Lesson Learned

So D-day comes, and despite having my phone on me at all times in work, being reluctant to drive clients anywhere too far in case I need to get home in a moment’s notice, and giving El the work’s office number, I manage to miss the all-important phone call! 321 more words


My Birthday as a Dad-to-be

It’s my 29th Birthday today. I’m not a big fan of celebrating my birthday; I don’t enjoy being centre of attention, I’d much rather celebrate somebody else’s big day. 352 more words


Squeaky Bum Moments

I know in the last post i said i wouldn’t write until after the 12 week scan, but i felt after a few eventful weeks it was probably best to get some of this down and out there in case any other dads are going through any of this. 1,129 more words


Are we ready?

Baby’s on the way and we can’t wait! We’ve lived in our home for just over two years now, my partner and me. The house was pretty much done, then baby popped up and we had to rearrange rooms! 326 more words


Ready, Steady, Blog!

I’m Dean and I’m soon to be a Dad. I’ve always enjoyed writing, in particular stories, but never really been any good at telling them. Recently I mused over the idea of starting a blog, simply to share my life experiences with the world my own way, and to essentially tell my stories to anyone who’d listen (ahem, “read”). 154 more words