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Speak Confidently

We all make bold statements, but sometimes it’s all delivery, if you believe in what you’re saying say it with confidence, or even with spunk! 9 more words



I don’t think that any one particularly likes change. I laughably tried to convince myself for years that I was a go with the flow kind of gal….but I’m not. 472 more words


Ronald S. Lee

Some people call him speed god, some people call him Ron, most people call him a good friend, and I am the luckiest, because I get to call him dad. 316 more words

Millard Suburban

Part of my new career is talking about death/dying and grief/loss, and part of the goal is to help improve the medical system. I admit, I am hard to please when it comes to hospitals and doctors. 578 more words


February 21, 2017, Tuesday

I had to wake up early this day. Not 6am early, more like 2am early to be in a place at 3am.

I needed to go to Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office to ask for financial help with the remaining balance in my dad’s hospital bills. 575 more words


A Small Glimpse of God

A few weeks ago (yes, Olivia is old enough that I can now refer to my time with her in weeks) I was sitting in my rocking chair feeding her when I started crying. 332 more words


Etiquette for Visiting the Brand-New Mom

The excitement over a new baby is a crazy thing, especially if you are a first-time parent. The second your a$$ hits the delivery ward there is this mad rush of people sitting in the foyer waiting for the SECOND they can bust into that room and lay eyes on this little person you just got done squeezing out of your body. 889 more words