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Someone I miss

Only if he could see how God has blessed me to become the woman I’ve become. My life may not be perfect, but me being a Christian like he taught me to be is what I would like for him to see. 437 more words

All yours: a great meal plus a piece of rural-church history

Readers, I can’t imagine a better way for you to spend the latter part of this coming Wednesday than to come to beautiful little Queensborough… 1,578 more words


16 weeks to go.

I’ve though about writing a blog since we found out we were pregnant in what feels like 5 minutes ago. Both myself and my partner have struggled to get pregnant for some time and it never felt like the right thing to do but it’s only tonight at almost 1AM that I’ve felt ready to do this; so here we go. 212 more words


Are you a 29% dad? (and how to get out of it)

So, are you a “29% dad”?

By that, I mean, do you spend Mon-Fri away from your family, followed by a 2-day-mad-rush of hugs and chores, only to have to head back to your empty outpost (or your wife would say bachelor pad), ready for work on Monday? 727 more words


Discovering Dad

Last week I had the opportunity to go on a journey of discovering my dad again. My uncle Daniel came in town from Philly for 2 days. 316 more words


I Got Angry Today

I got angry today

I saw a little girl

no older than 6

holding her father’s hand


That was okay

But then i saw a woman… 15 more words

The Year 5777 is Coming!

Sunday,  יום ראשון , October 2 Jews all over the world will celebrate The New Year – רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה. This year’s number is quite unique – 5777. 295 more words

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