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When it comes to confirming whether your kids did—or did not—do something, parenting strategies fall along a spectrum ranging from “constant vigilance” at one end to a 100% honor system at the other. 632 more words


Moving On. In More Ways Than One. (23rd and 24th May, 2015)

I haven’t yet got confirmation of being kicked out, but I’m expecting it any day. I had to move out of my dorm and into another. 601 more words


A damn good cleansing cry, another day at home and countdown to 40.

Day 2 on the countdown to 40.  It was raining and cold out today.  The weather fit my mood.  I’m not angry today for a change.  795 more words

From There

to learn shape
and color
of this world
blending ‘twixt


other shores
hence you came
sailing stars
the path
Art by Brittany Campbell



I am a US patriot at heart who has the deepest respect for those who serve or have served in our country’s military.  While I have not lost a current family member to military service, several of my family members have served our country.   194 more words


An Ode to my Father

Back when I was just learning how to walk

When my mouth and my brain

Weren’t coordinating

When it was a pain

Trying to explain… 297 more words


Super Dad Defense

I recently was criticized for the self bestowed “Super Dad” title. I was told that I was merely celebrating having too many kids that I chose to have and that merely taking care of ones own children does not make a man a Super Dad. 189 more words

Super Dad!