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I Could Travel Through Time

When I was a kid, I could travel through time. I could only go forward, though, never backwards.

And only in very specific circumstances. 623 more words


Is it okay to take medications for anxiety etc. Does it knock one off the spiritual path?

First, nothing can knock you off the path because life is the path and you are not going anywhere. Nothing is off the table as far as options in life. 64 more words


Tips, thoughts, ranting

Hey Guys,

We’re now just 16 days from our due date.  The shit could go down at any minute.  She went for a scan today and the doctor said the baby’s a week bigger than she should be.  465 more words

Strength in Numbers

Growing up, I had a good childhood. You could say I had it all, or at least that’s what it seemed like. I had a my own room, the toys I wanted, and all of my favorite snacks. 193 more words

Rookie Mistakes 

I see it at the park all the time, newbie parents and carers doing things that, to seasoned parents and carers, defy logic.


So it begins

I thought I would have more time.

My dad is sick. Which sounds so cliche and melodramatic and woe is me, because isn’t everyone’s dad dying? 474 more words