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Ten Years Past The Day He Left This Place

I am very thankful for today. It has been a decade since my dad passed on. His grandchildren have grown quite a bit, though he never met them on this level. 465 more words


I’m not sure when I realized I stopped counting the seconds, the minutes, the hours… but I just realized I stopped counting the months at some point. 755 more words

Holiday Gift Guide: Dad/DIL

Luckily my dad is literally the easiest person on the planet to shop for, but I feel that is a rarity, so here is a list of awesome gifts to get for your old man (or honestly any guy in your life)! 61 more words


Hidden messages

Hey sweet girl, I know you are nervous.

I read your journal. I’m sorry Daddy picked you up late again. It must be hard not having him around anymore. 197 more words


The Last Best Place on Earth

For Dad, it’s Alive Hospice, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The Nashville facility was full and the admissions nurse so determined that Dad needed to be there that she sent him to the Murfreesboro campus at midnight Friday. 863 more words

A Year on the Roller Coaster

This coming Thanksgiving…what, just four days away…marks what my mom and I have figured was probably the start of my dad’s downward spiral. And ultimately his death this past August. 130 more words



Over-parenting, also known as being a helicopter parent, can be defined as a parent that discouraging their child’s independence by taking an excessive interest in their child’s life (Kirszner, 645). 857 more words