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Ice Fishing Memories with Dad

Dad could hardly wait for the lakes to freeze enough for him to go ice fishing. You could have sworn he was part or all Eskimo because he loved the cold and never wore a hat to cover his ears. 1,596 more words

Current Thoughts

One lavender morning...

… mist crept into a gala,

so pure, and when I am

alone, I remember this,

I think of it, and I picture

my father, in shorts, 95 more words


D&AD Winners 2016

For the Design Competition Brief, we are venturing into a D&AD New Blood award brief. I have to say I’m excited about this. D&AD can lead to very promising opportunities and I think its jst great to be part of a such a huge organisation. 451 more words



“Nipples!”… “Mummy’s nipples!”

Oh the shame.

My 3 year old daughter (AKA Miss 3) shouts at the top of her voice in the supermarket.

My daughter has a genuine love of the outrageous, the shocking, and the downright soul destroying. 509 more words


Dad dates deconstructed: #5 The Aquarium

What is it?
An aquarium is a zoo for people who like staring at fish. Some aquariums have exciting open air sections featuring seals. Sea Life in London doesn’t. 486 more words


digging ditches

I inhaled deeply and out came the contents of the day in one long breath.  The computers, the patients, the staff, the new EMR system.  All of the problems.   402 more words


Need to Know

I was excited to get into accelerated math. It meant I started high school math a year early in the eighth grade, which meant I could either take less math in high school or take one or two math courses for college credit. 560 more words