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Morning Dad

Last night I felt my boy kick me through Kirsty’s belly.  He’s not quite ready to say “Morning Dad” yet but in a few short weeks he’ll arrive and we’ll both get to meet him for the first time and find out if his lungs are as powerful as his foot. 324 more words

Writing And Musings

You ain't got the answers, Google!

Zuwa is squint! Or as my grandfather would say: cockeyed. Because political correctness for who?

But yes, my son is mildly squint. Although the good news I’ve come to learn is that it’s perfectly normal for a baby his age to have a slight wandering eye  as they learn to focus and I can expect it to correct itself over the next few weeks. 346 more words

Don't Cry for Me Argentina

I found I couldn’t face doing this ‘blog of what I am experiencing’ at the time … August 2014 seems a life time ago.  As much as the words burned within me, as cathartic as it may have been, when it came to it I didn’t want to think about it at the time. 238 more words


From Russia Farm with Love

On the 28th July 1945, as the Second World War was grinding to an exhausted and terrible halt, a baby was born. He was bestowed with a name that hinted at his father’s heritage. 422 more words


Dad Life

When youre a parent you wouldnt trade it for anything!dad,father,daddy,child,born,birth,family//images.sunfrogshirts.com/2015/07/27/Dad-Life.jpg$19.0060588220



daughter is 5 months old. she was a gift from i don’t know where. daughter has the most amazing eyes and chubbiest cheeks and is the single most beautiful thing i have ever seen. 47 more words


I remember the first time I experienced death; I was 6 and my great grandma passed away a few months after I asked my mom what it felt like to die. 650 more words