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It sucks that my father is a memory now

It sucks that my father is a memory now. I wish I had more pictures of him.  Of us together.  I’m fortunate to have kept two of his voicemails, so I will never forget his voice. 227 more words

It's okay to have a say

When I was a young girl -I honestly couldn’t tell you how young- I remember hearing something come out of my mums mouth that would stay with me forever. 554 more words

Mumma Musings

Modern Dad

Hey dads. Experienced dads that have battled the trenches from toddler to teenager, new dads that have have so many “firsts” to still go through, and soon-to-be dads (your dad joke card is in the mail). 383 more words


Stuff has happened. 1. Logical conclusions.

So I thought today that it’s high time I tapped out a few sentences again. It’s been nearly a year since I used a keyboard recreationally, which is a long time. 403 more words


"You are not your dad. You're Chelsea."

How often do we find ourselves comparing ourselves to our parents? I feel it’s a daily occurance in my life. Conversations drift to how I don’t want to be like my parents. 858 more words


The Journey Home

Remembering Daddy was good in Florida with friends there and my mom. But there is something beautiful about being in Michigan on soil he farmed that made remembering Daddy with family and friends and soil who knew him that made this broken heart heal more and start to mend. 201 more words