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Growing Up

Growing up, we all may not have had the most rose-colored childhood.  There are probably things that we wish we had; whether it be more attention, more love, more cuddles, more money to do the things we wanted, or even nicer clothing and toys.   1,101 more words


Still Waiting...

The last time I provided an update on my Dad, we were in “wait and watch” mode for the metastasis in his chest. In the meantime, there were new symptoms that led us to more tests.   399 more words

Personal Account

The Stupid Thing My Husband Used to Do

When my son was 8 months old he was still not sleeping through the night.  One night he gets up at 3.  I nurse him and put him back down at 3:30.  201 more words


A Little Hope

Before my daughter, Hope, was born I was so worried she would have a disability. Sure, I knew this fear was disproportionately irrational. Yes, I knew cerebral palsy was not hereditary. 1,116 more words


The Letter I Wish My Father Had Written

I was 23 when my father was diagnosed with liver cancer caused by hepatitis C. He died six months later during my senior year of college. 995 more words

Young, eager ears and wise words

Welcome to my inter-most thoughts and discoveries as I journey here in the dirt like all of you.  The only leg up I have over a great many of you out there is that I know who speaks the wise WORDS of life!   491 more words

Week 30

So this week was full of some exciting things.

The Middle Ages:

This was our last week of actual instruction. Next week is an activity catch up week. 93 more words

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