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egg legs

Father’s Day isn’t just for humans. Wishing all the great invertebrate dads out there a belated Happy Father’s Day too! Learn more about sea spider dads in today’s comic: … 13 more words

For My Father—Father's Day

He died on a Sunday morning.

My father was a good man. A good, kind, decent man. It might be said that he did nothing extraordinary, but that might be just a matter of perspective. 1,152 more words

Almost Family

Run away and join the circus

Thirty seconds into watching a grown man wearing a bedazzled leotard juggle a coffee table with his feet and my middle son decided that geology wasn’t the path for him, he was destined to join the circus. 669 more words

Adam Kirkpatrick

Thermostat or Thermometer?

Are you raising a thermostat or a thermometer?

I can’t remember where or when I first heard the idea of applying the difference between a thermostat or thermometer to our lives. 589 more words


So far so good...

At the beginning of the this month, Emily started back at work full time.  This has definitely been an adjustment.

It was a major change bringing Teddy home and still having Emily off work too.  571 more words

Stay At Home Dad

Powerful Hands

Calloused hands
from toiling away
at one’s backyard garden
like a water buffalo
unaffected by the hard work
sweat emanating
under the heat of the sun…
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