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Good in Everything

After a few days hiatus from blogging (I was enjoying a mini-break in lovely Sardinia) I am back and sharing my pantoum poem which responds to the prompt of writing a poem containing repetition. 100 more words

My Daughter, The Sleep Champion

Captain’s Log. April 25, 2019. 9:00 PM. Family Domicile. One hundred sixteenth entry.

Very rarely has my dear daughter fallen asleep in weird places or at a weird time. 297 more words

Dad Life

World's Greatest Dad

As we discussed earlier in this blog, with the exception of Brian (I love Brian for being such a good and honest man in such a dishonest environment), most of the men working for the rink stole from us. 718 more words


I wish I understood what the hell was going on

I was at work all day. There was a fire burning in the backyard, unattended, when I got home. We have a high burn risk, although we’re not at the level of needing a burn permit quite yet. 575 more words

Richard Armitage

Can’t find them

I found myself looking at my dads caringbridge today.

My mom deleted his Facebook and all the photos and information from it.

Sometimes I don’t know where to go to find him. 336 more words


My Lost Home

It has been seven years since the day my father body was buried. Yet when I woke up this morning in my rent apartment, spacing out into the window, seeing yellowish sunlight teasing gray linen curtains; the image of the day became vividly real. 591 more words


Dear Mum & Dad: I'm gay

I’m sorry but I am. I’m gay. Yes, I am born and bred a good Christian child. I still believe in Jesus. We go to church on Sunday and pray every night. 407 more words