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Brain Cancer, F**K You!


I wanted to start a blog to get out my anger, and sadness about the last year. Therapy is expensive and maybe this could help someone know they are not alone dealing with this pain and anger. 407 more words

When your babies hurt

I recently became aware that one of the babies is feeling a bit low. At first it really upset me. She is struggling. School, home, loss and conflict has her feeling a bit beat up. 239 more words


The Downward Spiral of Depression

“A father is supposed to make it all better” “Sometimes you can’t son, sometimes all you can do is be there for her”

This is the dialogue I heard that kept me up since 9am yesterday. 689 more words


These Here Thoughts Today

My father – Winston H. Cushman – died early in January 1980. In Arizona. He was 68 years old. During these succeeding 38 years this question has come to, or for, me every so often – Will I live longer than 68? 367 more words

Day 0 and Day 1

So there was a bit of a delay after my last post… just a small matter of a baby got in the way! πŸ€“πŸ‘Ά

Everyone, meet Rory Sam McConnachie πŸ’™ 578 more words


19th January 2018

I still hate writing these things. I end up rambling and wonder why I bore even myself to sleep.

So yeah I was bullied, but in this day and age, who isn’t. 814 more words


The healing power of corned beef on rye (for dad & me)*

My dad – Marvin Epstein – is 83 years old. Recently, he fell and broke his hip and for the past week, he’s been in bed at a Dix Hills rehabilitation facility, somewhat incoherent and agitated from pain meds. 539 more words