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Skid Marks

It’s just as it sounds; you never thought you’d have to say “We must all wear undies at the dinner table!” Or “Please tell me that’s chocolate on the mat.” 26 more words


What is Whoa Mama!?

Whoa Mama is a site for moms. And dads. And grandparents. And aunt and uncles. And men and women. And even kids. So, basically, it’s for everyone. 70 more words

The father....

Everything I Own – Bread

Sometimes what sounds like a love song at first listen turns after many years to be something different, a different kind of monster. 238 more words

Parents, is it Time to Stop Dieting?

As a weighty parent, with more ‘body’ for my children to love than I would like, I diet and seek support from others to succeed. All too often, in the past, those others could be my children. 767 more words

Red Cowboy Boots

I had a dream the other night. Most of it faded as I woke up but I remember the last bit quite distinctly. My mother, father, and I were walking in a city somewhere. 142 more words

Life Lessons

Another One of Many Firsts...

It’s the first birthday that he’s not here… But I know he is here with us, if not – he’s drinking beer with his mates and family that he’s missed over the years. 110 more words