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Toxic family

have you ever sat back and wondered is my family toxic?

after Easter weekend I realized mine is.

I was anxious before it, during it and after. 168 more words


How the kids came to be....

Well, I guess for a good first post, a little background is the way to go.

I found myself in my teenage years, hormones racing, and being oddly attracted to men. 296 more words

Coming Out

Get Into Spring With These Earth-Inspired Family Activities

I used to love Earth Day when I was a kid. There were fun activities at school and recycling was a feel-good activity that helped me make Earth smile. 532 more words

Letter To Hope

Dear Hope,

I write to you to confess my truths, did you know that you are the bearer of two titles?
One being a Mirror of Sin and the other a Blessing That Was Prayed For. 333 more words


Easter Sunday with Family

Captain’s Log. April 21, 2019. 10:19 PM. Family Domicile. One hundred and twelfth entry.

Today is the most important day in the spiritual calendar of the Christian faith – Easter Sunday. 280 more words

Dad Life

10 things I said I'd never do as a dad...but I do.

“You’re the best parent in the world before you’re a parent.” Never was a truer word spoken. I don’t know about you, but before our little boy was born, I had all sorts of ludicrous ideas about what we were and weren’t going to do when the baby arrived. 671 more words


Wedding Blues by Jackie Villarreal Najera

When my older sister Gloria got married, I was about 14 or15 years of age. Her wedding had a funny couple of glitches. Her wedding preparation actually started with trying to find the perfect dress. 953 more words