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This Guy is a Dad: A Birthing Story, the Birth.

After receiving the epidural, K was restrained to the bed, not mechanically restrained, but due to the loss of feeling in her legs she was not able to walk around. 445 more words

Things I'd Like my Son to Know. 

Lesson #5 – Laugh. Lots.

I have always believed laughter is the best medicine.

My friends will say whiskey is, but I’ve never had a hangover from laughing too much. 269 more words


​A Rhyme for Bedtime

You try your best to sleep,
But do not get a peep,
A child shares the bed,
A kick to the head,
Your sanity is hard to keep.

By Paul Webster


Limerick of the Slinger

There once was a child in a sling,
The bond was a beautiful thing,
Regardless if mum or dad,
Much love will still be had, 8 more words


Beach & family walks!

So this post is a couple of days late because I have been doing some redesigning on the blog and it was frustrating. Along with doing some tidying up at my dad’s house, this has had a back seat for a couple of days. 479 more words


Stop This Nightmare

I woke up from a nightmare that made me frustrated. It replayed the stories I’ve heard that my mom went through…

I want to scream and shout so she can hear me.. 204 more words

Betrayed by mine own kin!

You spend twenty months building a bond with your child – changing her nappy, cleaning up her sick, giving her cuddles all through the night, and letting her wipe her runny nose on your shirt – and you expect a certain amount of loyalty in return. 591 more words