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dada at Skully's Music-Diner - 2/28/17

Twenty-five years after rising to prominence with their debut album “Puzzle”, dada continues to play music overflowing with emotion.

Tuesday evening, they played to a full house at Skully’s Music-Diner as part of their 25th Anniversary Tour. 468 more words

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DADA Week 6 Writeup

This week was about Network Security. We had 2 labs and some homework. Our speakers were Ram Venugopalan and Geoffrey Cooper.

Network Security is an incredibly important part of the defense against dark arts. 968 more words


“Read a Damn Book – 002: Dada: The Revolt of Art”

As usual, I’m reading four or five books at a time (in the car, a few on the e-reader at night, some in that good, old pulp format), but I did just yesterday finish re-reading a decent book on Dada. 313 more words


Prerealist Creative Exercises

A truly prerealist work is one created simply, honestly, and spontaneously with (hopefully) little interference from external stimuli. ‘External stimuli’ may include drugs, alcohol, previous teachings or influences, consciousness, purpose and intent – depending on your situation and beliefs. 2,048 more words



Succeeding in life is like succeeding in art.

You only do it once.

Downer Canada - Snarl like a Poem

perfect slipping holed up in glass cases with locks identified as historical thinking ways each combination a time away from when things made less and less sense overlapping how society can change into a better whole when and how society has moved away from the better whole and how society has better ways locked up in whole when and how the rest can be a small part of the necessary take what’s left of whatever sense of dignity is left and throw it out the window at a better self too and let that better self climb back inside our own true self that is hiding and is trying to find better ways to be better… 133 more words