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Book R’view

Ist dis r’view-a ’is book-in
izzit exactly what it appears to be
so do’n T qsk me whatitis for
the crime of possessing a
copy of his own book. 214 more words


énigme de la fin

A little too much optics here, but the enigma’s the same.

What we have is all we have.

© S Santos-Dumont


Duvet Day

I won’t be coming into work today due to some challenges I am facing as a result of my neuro divergence.

You what?

My sensory processing is particularly disrupted at present which means my already heightened sensitivities are close to intolerable… 88 more words


blood pressure gizmo

While killing time between blood-pressure readings I
close my eyes & scan the past stuck like bits
of paper that slip down
between the cushions…
1,394 more words


Recovered Poetry: Classifieds Dept., No. 4


I am indirect contact with the Posture.

The Sadhus condemn the Swami Noshervanji, Preceptor, “The modern design 0f toilet bowl fixture Brotherhood of Bhudda” … who operates saying that it is not conducive to defecate on a reflection channel with incipient performance of the motions. 73 more words


Just another random Dada poem

This poem is written using Elimination. You take a random page from any book and eliminate all the words you don’t want to use and leave the rest where they were placed on the page. 28 more words


All slogans

All slogans are crap.
Crap are all slogans.
Are all slogans crap?
Slogans are all crap.

Endless crap are all slogans.
Endless slogans are all crap. 104 more words