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Bapi Green Taxi in Kolkata

Charging extra money in extreme emergency, where refusal is common these days, from bad behavior to molestation, in some cases they beat up passengers brutally, those are the examples set by the Taxi Drivers of Kolkata. 83 more words

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The other side of Indian Cricket Legend – Sourav Ganguly

Everyone knows about his play, but I want to share the other side of what it means to be a Gangulian. 696 more words


Right on your face #dada ! :D

Soo it was the day of the big match….! KKR vs PWI… ! or should i rather say.. KKR vs Ganguly or better still Ganguly v/s SRK.. 1,175 more words

Is that the Real Indian Youth in Reality TV?

Do you want to take revenge on your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, convince your parents about your love relationship, or shout abuses at people? Call up a TV channel… 590 more words


How can she slap?

Just recently, India’s Agricultural Minister, Sharad Pawar got slapped by a dude who was pissed off as hell at corruption. For those who don’t know, in Indian Culture, a slap, though not as physically damaging as a punch in the face, is considered defamatory and extremely insulting. 145 more words

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Dadagiri by Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon will host UTV Bindass’ new season of Dadagiri. This time the show is titled ‘Dadagiri – Revenge of the Sexes’.

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Where we talk about contest based shows

I’ve watched exactly one and a half episode of Masterchef India. And that was enough to tell me that I should avoid it. The target audience isn’t exactly the one I fall into and this is more than well exemplified by the anchors/judges of the show. 378 more words

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