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Transcendence On the Way to Preschool

In life there are few moments of transcendence, or perhaps better said, there are few moments of transcendence that we recognize and commit to memory, and even fewer that are clear enough to shift our existential bearings and redefine our hopes. 450 more words


My Thoughts

A few days ago, my dad read me the blog, ‘Date a Princess.’ After he read the first 97 more words


Date a Princess

One of the things I learned early on in my marriage was that Tiffanie and I needed to continue dating. Every mentor I’ve ever had always spoke on how important ‘date nights’ are. 865 more words


Why fathers should practise DATING their daughters!!

On one ordinary afternoon i found myself watching the Steve Harvey show and i was in awe of this man’s way of thinking and most importantly a much needed initiative for how fathers should treat their daughters and prepare them for adult hood relationships with men. 579 more words

Crowded, dumpy Pizzeria, 12:30pm: This is Happiness

So much of the human experience is spent in the pursuit of happiness. People define/redefine happiness and then spend the rest of the time looking for it, as if it was a lost puppy they’re certain to recognize and love once it’s found. 322 more words


Daddy Daughter Date

Plenty has gone on over the past two months since my last post and even before that, I was so inconsistent at posting that so much as been missed, however, this is a post worth posting, so I will make the time. 456 more words


Daddy Daughter Date

Dang it! I told myself to hold it together while watching this.

Thanks Junior

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