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The Most Beautiful Daddy-Daughter Moment I've Witnessed

Today, my daughter woke up crying in the middle of the night, which is extremely unusual. I was wondering if maybe she had pooped her diaper, if she felt some sort of pain, or if she was woken up by a nightmare. 427 more words

Mommy Stories

I'm Sorry You Feel That Way, But Daddy-Daughter Dates Are Wonderful

Some of my favorite memories of my childhood come from the time I was able to spend with my father. Learning from him allowed me to see that there are men in the world who value the respect that should be given to women, and it showed me that he cared about spending quality time with me. 604 more words

30 Mom and Son Date Ideas and How to Get Started

Though I stay home with my 2 boys and am with them 24/7 I often feel like I don’t spend enough one on one time with my oldest. 1,377 more words


The Provider -the song

The kids are growing faster than I can run
They’re doing alright someday they’ll be someone
I see the best they can be in a twinkle of those eyes
If you ever been a parent then you shouldn’t be surprised
I just couldn’t do it – So wifey went back to school
Now she has a good job to slow that burning fuse
The toddler she came with’s now a full-grown man
Were all working together to figure out the plan

I get up everyday at 4AM to do what I gotta do
I am a provider - It’s the life I choose

All in all guess I'm a fortunate on
Thanks to my union job look how far we’ve come
My girls are in love with longtime boyfriends
Only time will tell how those story lines will end
Glad we made those babies should-a made some more
The best part was making 'em but we stopped at four

I get up everyday at 4AM to do what I gotta do
I am a provider - It’s the life I choose

Discussing The Past (And The Morally Dubious Things We May Have Done)

I watched one of my favourite films yesterday, Thank Your For Smoking, which was based on the book by the same name by Christopher Buckley. The film focuses on a lobbyist for the American tobacco industry. 357 more words

My Dad and Auntie Mame

What a strange day in a strange week…

It all started over the Christmas break when I had a bit of free time and two kids who were eager for  825 more words