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Governing Officials Could Use An Education

Many times, I’m thankful for the people who know and can do the things I don’t or can’t. Any time that I have taken my car to a garage to have it worked on, I’m thankful that someone knows what they’re doing when they open my car or slide underneath it because I never really know what I’m looking at. 2,051 more words

Death by Sequel

I’m not entirely sure what compels a production company to sign off on awful sequels to incredible films, but it can often ruin the original for many of its fans. 293 more words


To Wake or Not to Wake?

It is 10:23 AM and my 11 year-old son is sleeping upstairs, that good sleep, his mouth agog, his conscious mind resistant to any barging through the door, stomping through the room, opening the curtains to the world parent intrusions, his limbs growing by the minute as he restfully whiles away the summer morning hours in tweener dormancy.  391 more words


Day 26. Three-Step Daddy Day Care.

Good things seem to come in 3’s in my universe. The epitome being the boys. I’ve also learned through my better half that 3 is also the perfect number of ingredients needed in his recipe for a happy summer day with the kids. 1,033 more words

Family Friendly Condo

She must be superhuman... it's the only logical explanation

Hello Chroniclers!

Glad to be able to touch base with everyone again! Happy Easter to everyone!

Libby, as one of the last activities with her schooling, went to a professional workshop for Interior Designers. 508 more words

November 29th, 2013 - Making a Baby: Should You Say No to Drunk Sex?

Last night Michelle and I got super drunk. Not beer drunk – which makes you want to slug around feeling all bloated on gallons of liquid and carbs – vodka drunk. 1,215 more words


Child Vaccinations

Hello everyone who searched for one of the following tags: #vaccinations #MMR #childvaccinations #vaccinatorsgonnavaccinate #vaccihatersgonnavaccihate. I know your here and are ready to shoot my thoughts with word bullets until they die the painful death of ridicule, mockery, and shaming. 1,034 more words