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How it feels: I’m a dad, not a visitor

The world’s attitude to dads is outdated. Many fathers want to take a hands-on role in raising their babies, and research shows this is beneficial to both father and baby (and, indeed, mother). 1,136 more words

Dad Life

The 3 musketeers – my First blog post

So I’ve been contemplating writing a blog for sometime now and tonight was the night I decided to give it a go!

So my name is Luis, a single father (33) of two young children. 278 more words


Baby on a Plane II -The Other End

Since my post Baby on a Plane, we haven’t exactly changed our travel planning or expectations as much as we probably should have. After all, they say lightning doesn’t strike twice so once the terrible has happened you may as well stop worrying right? 737 more words


What's App Doc?

Suffering succotash, it’s been too long since my last post, Millie is 10 months old today and a lot has changed since my last post. She stands now and has begun cruising round furniture, she says ‘Dada’, which is totally awesome even though I don’t think she really associates it with me and she says ‘nah-nah’ when she sees a banana. 703 more words


It's hard not being the favourite 

I have had a Mummy’s boy, I experienced first hand being the ‘favourite’. Jenson has always come to me when he needs something, especially cuddles. He is a typical Mummy’s boy and I have loved it. 409 more words