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On Being A Father

About four months ago I got my girlfriend up the duff.

Apparently this is life-altering news which will completely change my outlook on everything that’s ever existed in the history of this 4,500 year old earth. 1,940 more words

I Only Came For The Cake

My kids are with my husband and they are ok

My mother was a stay at home mom.  She is college educated as a teacher, and smart as a whip, but when she began to have children she decided to stay at home and invest in us. 1,008 more words


Daddy Day Camp

Can you believe it’s been three long years since Eddie Murphy slayed us (and warmed our hearts) in Daddy Day Care? That’s a “stop-whatever-I’m-doing-when-I’m-channel-surfing-and-it-shows-up-on-TBS” film, for sure. 267 more words


I love my children but.....

It has been 6 weeks since my last blog but rest assured Pappa Latte Bhatti

is alive and kicking. As an natural optimist I am guilty of not always portraying a balanced view on things. 1,163 more words


Daddy Day Care!

Hello Chroniclers!

A lot has happened since the last time we talked, and we’ve been very busy! Today is the first time Libby and I have been by ourselves in over two months. 393 more words

Governing Officials Could Use An Education

Many times, I’m thankful for the people who know and can do the things I don’t or can’t. Any time that I have taken my car to a garage to have it worked on, I’m thankful that someone knows what they’re doing when they open my car or slide underneath it because I never really know what I’m looking at. 2,051 more words

The best full time job in the world

Since my last blog Zara has stepped up her game and now gets how to eat! Our son Reuben started eating at 5 months so it was interesting to see the contrast between him and her, as she only started eating properly at 8 months. 851 more words