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What's App Doc?

Suffering succotash, it’s been too long since my last post, Millie is 10 months old today and a lot has changed since my last post. She stands now and has begun cruising round furniture, she says ‘Dada’, which is totally awesome even though I don’t think she really associates it with me and she says ‘nah-nah’ when she sees a banana. 703 more words


It's hard not being the favourite 

I have had a Mummy’s boy, I experienced first hand being the ‘favourite’. Jenson has always come to me when he needs something, especially cuddles. He is a typical Mummy’s boy and I have loved it. 409 more words


In Da Club?

In 1912 after the sinking of the Titanic there were reports and suspicions of male survivors having dressed as women so they could get in the lifeboats first. 651 more words


Code Red

“Karen!!! I’m in CGulls.  Surrounded by 40 screaming kids and Rory won’t leave because he’s playing with a truck. Plus, I think he needs his nappy changed. 286 more words

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

Just before we moved I’d still got two episodes of the latest Game of Thrones season to watch. I still do. Some Virgin broadband installers are late, lazy and incompetent. 521 more words


Rollin' On

Another year of my life has rolled by, I’m now officially mid 30’s!

This past month living with my parents, waiting for our house exchange to finally come through has felt a lot like limbo and I don’t mean the ‘how low can you go’ variety. 522 more words


Meet the Parents

Solicitors are not good people. Maybe that’s a little harsh. Solicitors are, at best, lazy people. Sorry solicitors (well not really) but it’s true.

I won’t bore you with all the details but because of the above statements of fact our lives are currently in a couple of storage units somewhere in the UK and our small family have moved in with my folks. 599 more words