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She must be superhuman... it's the only logical explanation

Hello Chroniclers!

Glad to be able to touch base with everyone again! Happy Easter to everyone!

Libby, as one of the last activities with her schooling, went to a professional workshop for Interior Designers. 508 more words

November 29th, 2013 - Making a Baby: Should You Say No to Drunk Sex?

Last night Michelle and I got super drunk. Not beer drunk – which makes you want to slug around feeling all bloated on gallons of liquid and carbs – vodka drunk. 1,215 more words


Child Vaccinations

Hello everyone who searched for one of the following tags: #vaccinations #MMR #childvaccinations #vaccinatorsgonnavaccinate #vaccihatersgonnavaccihate. I know your here and are ready to shoot my thoughts with word bullets until they die the painful death of ridicule, mockery, and shaming. 1,034 more words


The Cleaning Lady Did It

First I need to clarify two quick things.
1. Yes we have a cleaning lady. Between the hours we both work and the other responsibilities around here I thought we could use some help around the house every other week. 208 more words

Cheerleader Daddy

I remember when my boys were in belly time phase. Remember that phase? You lay them on their belly and watch as that gigantic head of theirs frantically moves around. 452 more words

Parenting vs. babysitting

If you look up the dictionary to find the difference between the terms babysitting and parenting, you will find these meanings:

Babysitting: to take charge of a child while the parents are temporarily away. 295 more words


Daddy Day Care

I’m a radio presenter by trade (trade! Ha!). I don’t do ‘responsibility’. I guess I have to be reasonably aware of not swearing or libelling anyone but, generally, if I misremember a fact, forget to play a certain song at a particular time or stumble over my words then no one dies (other than my dignity, of course, but that withered on the vine some years ago). 947 more words

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