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Babygirl's First Spanking

The first time I got my first ‘real’ spanking was just a couple weeks ago… 

I say ‘real’ because Daddy had spanked me a little here and there but nothing more than making my ass a shade brighter.  726 more words


Sticking to Punishments...

The other day Daddy gave me a To Do List and I completed everything on it except going to the gym. I just didn’t have enough time and frankly, I just plain didn’t want to go. 193 more words


Sweet Nothing's

Yesterday Daddy gave me my daily to do list and it was much different than I ever thought it would be.

  1. Text both your parents something nice.
  2. 267 more words

A Love Letter for Daddy ♥

One of my tasks yesterday was to write Daddy a love letter!


Let's Talk About It!

Let’s talk about the question you’ve all been wondering… why choose this lifestyle?

Among the many reasons there are just a few that helped us make our decision. 963 more words


The Beginning...

Day 1 of my commitment of submission to my Daddy… He gave me three simple tasks I had to complete while he was at work & I had the day off. 153 more words



As my first post, I thought I should introduce us just a little. We have been together for a little over a year now and I still feel just as in love with him as I did in the beginning. 392 more words