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Have I become the overbearing Father Figure?

You know the one. The one that continually expresses concern, long after the person says, perhaps with an eye roll, ‘Dad, I’m fine’.

Maybe, in the absence of not having children, my mind, the part that is biologically ready to break out into fatherhood, was just assimilated by my Daddy Dominant state of mind. 355 more words


Jane Henry-Beauty's Daddy

OK, first I have to say that I avoided reading anything by Jane Henry for a while because that’s my aunt’s name, and I didn’t want to think of my aunt while I was trying to get my escapism groove on. 1,208 more words


The World of Littles

I received a request some time ago for a story involving a Daddy Dom, and his little. At first, I didn’t think it would be too hard to do, as I’ve seen Daddy dom/little relationships in the past. 1,485 more words


Exquisite Innocence (Iron Horse MC #5)


I’ve spent my entire life on my parent’s isolated religious compound, sheltered and cut off from the rest of the world. It left me ill prepared to face the evil that invaded my home, and after a horrific encounter with demons masquerading as men, I fled. 838 more words

Book Review

Hey, long time no see! I have a Daddy Dominant now (maybe).

I know, I know. The last update I put on this blog started off by pretty much saying nothing exciting ever happens in my life, and now, less than two weeks later, I’m talking about getting myself a nice little Daddy Dominant. 2,575 more words


So, What's a Little Anyway?

Most people want to learn this term whenever they actually start to become interested in Cgl. Or, maybe your partner told you that they were one or wanted to try cgl out in some way. 209 more words



I was to meet him at his office at noon. I had only seen him once and wasn’t that impressed with the photo or the way he was talking to me and trying to convince me what an uber dom he was. 543 more words