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Things I Need And Want

The question always gets asked when you start the getting to know you dance with another single person who you think might have potential, what do you want or need in a relationship.  1,717 more words


Dear Kink Community

My thoughts about the community and what I want to find within it:

First and foremost I want to make, build, and grow friendships.

I want to find others who do not live the lifestyle 24/7 but the lifestyle is just one part of them. 358 more words


Open Letter To Dominants/Daddies Seeking A LTR Partner…

First off, I am not a woman so I know what I have to say may not fit with exactly with what a woman is looking for (and I am sure they will correct me where they see my errors). 271 more words


The "IN Crowd" Is Calling Me...

Seems like everyone is sharing cock shots today. So I want to be in the “IN Crowd”. Here is my AMAZING cock! Enjoy!!! 


My Gem Of The Week...The Submissive Application!

Okay everyone I know it is just Monday but I have found my kinky “Gem Of The Week” and with it being the last day of the month, it might also take that monthly title!  608 more words


My big secret. Shhh don't tell Daddy

I’m multi orgasmic. No, that’s not the secret. Well it is to you, but not to Daddy! 

With my ex i think the most i orgasmed was 5. 1,053 more words

BDSM And Cult Leaders...

Somehow in my wanderings on the internet this morning (yes I should be doing just work but I just am not finding that motivation currently) I stumbled upon a news story on crazy David Koresh, his ‘Branch Davidians’ and from there stumbled upon this book over at Amazon: 859 more words