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My Personal Daddy Dom Experience 

He messaged me one day. There was a picture posted of him and his girlfriend. You could see there was a definite difference in age, but there was a brightness in his eyes that could even be caught in photos. 859 more words

Erotic Short Stories

Being A Daddy Dom isn't about age.

Browsing Fetlife, I came across a post from a young woman who expressed her frustration at the fact that she had experienced a few Daddy Dom-types harassing her over her disinterest in them due to their age being closer to that of her father. 294 more words


Beautiful warmth on a cold wet day.

Mmmmm just your smell, intoxicating!

Lots of fun had today, wearing stripes with pride.

Daddy let me play out a terrible fantasy and it went without so much of a hiccup, so in tune it’s beautiful! 13 more words


A Sadist and a Brat

A fantasy post…

Tenderly he touched my lips. I was standing directly in front of him, breathing in his scent. My eyes closed automatically, but kept fluttering open to watch him watching me. 3,023 more words


5 Things Your Little Wants From You

For my first official blog post, I thought I’d start off with something near and dear to my heart: that is, the ethics of being a good Daddy. 317 more words

5 Things Your Little Wants From You


“Distract me.” I begged him. I was sitting in tiny office trying to figure out why the internet had gone down and I was beyond frustrated. 4,312 more words


Back On The Horse

“And how do I ask permission to play with someone I might want to play with?” he asked the hostess this question right in front of me. 3,111 more words