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Pulling him into the dark side

I’m not sure the exact conversation where I told him I was unsatisfied with sex for years but it happened. I told him that I wasn’t into the normal ways people get their berries razzed, I heard that on Grey’s Anatomy and I wanted to use it, and I told him when I was younger I had been in a very controlled Dom and Sub relationship and that was the happiest I’d ever been with a person. 409 more words

My ex... My Daddy Dom?

Well this was a turn of events that I wasn’t expecting….

I work the night shift and usually when I get off work I smoke a little weed before going to bed to unwind and relax. 864 more words

My Journey

Recently I started dating a very sexy and dominant man. Meeting him was more of an accident than anything else. Just some guy on OkCupid. Good looking and confident but otherwise seemed normal. 772 more words

Relationship update & more

So me and my boyfriend have kinda talked it out, even tho I feel like there is something between us now that wasn’t there before. He said the reason why CGL doesn’t appeal to him anymore is that he doesn’t have time. 432 more words



We all have them. We all wish we could stop feeling them so much. They appear to make us weak, to hurt us, to make us vulnerable, to expose our soft underbellies. 695 more words


A confused little

So I have been dating my boyfriend/daddy for a month…and today he said he doesn’t want to do this Daddy thing anymore. And I honestly don’t know what to say. 140 more words


My Kind of Dom

There are things I feel certain about when figuring out what type of dominant I want to be with. I know he doesn’t fit into any of the dominant archetypes. 546 more words