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She’s a china doll, a perfect, little lady and dresses like the sissy princess of your dreams.  Porcelain skin and a dainty, girlish figure, she’s all the rage.   132 more words

Alpha Male

I Can Kill...

Lyrics from an Emilie Autumn(who is wicked btw) song. Speaks for themeselves. This verse really hits home for me. And right now I am fighting for the love of all my lifetimes.

~♥Daddy’s Kitten♥~

The Tattoo...

This is a tattoo that Daddy and I designed together. This tattoo says everything that our lifestyle choices mean to us.

Owned and Loved
It is not my neck…

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But I didn't want a Daddy

When I started exploring the world of kink, I adamantly denied wanting a Daddy. Freshly out of undergrad, I’d explored Philosophy of Woman and other such world-expanding courses (I grew up Fundamentalist Christian), and I was afraid having a Daddy would keep me or pull me back into an inescapable cesspit of patriarchal crap. 669 more words


Busy Daddy, busy Princess

Finals weeks is not a good week, especially when Daddy and I have finals at the same time. Luckily we still have time to talk to each other and text or else I don’t know what I would do. 47 more words

Wannabe Dominants - The Bad Kind of Pain in the Ass

I usually avoid talking about this subject because I don’t want the usual backlash from people saying, “What makes you different?”

I say now, I don’t claim to be the perfect Dominant, I make mistakes more often than I probably should admit but one thing is always constant – As long as my sub is happy, then I am too. 512 more words


Uncomfortably numb

I’ve written before about life being shorter than we might think….


Here’s the thing… I have had significant medical issues in my past. I’ve dreamed of my own death many, many times….. 601 more words