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I was to meet him at his office at noon. I had only seen him once and wasn’t that impressed with the photo or the way he was talking to me and trying to convince me what an uber dom he was. 543 more words


Caught, now what...

As I lay there with my burning cheeks, afraid to move, I avert my eyes to escape his gaze. He stalks toward me, I can feel his presence closer and closer. 625 more words

Daddy Dom/Baby Girl..

It’s morning and I’m woken by the sound of the shower, I blink away the blur in my eyes and glance over at the bathroom door, it’s slightly ajar and steam is slowly wafting toward me.  455 more words

What submission is to me.

I do not like being bossed around. Especially by men. To me, being submissive isn’t about being bossed around, being humiliated…it’s about giving selfless pleasure. Because that feels better to me than receiving pleasure. 54 more words


Fixing Things

     J and I talked again, about the DD/LG part of our relationship. I know I made a post saying that we decided to stop doing it, but we talked again and made a compromise. 223 more words

Goodbye DD/LG...

     So J and I had a very serious talk today after celebrating our one year engagement… I mean, I guess I already knew he wasn’t really into the entire time, I just kinda convinced myself he would get into this subcategory of BDSM… Especially when he realized how much it meant to me, how it’s a part of me.. 675 more words

Fight the Good Fight

Click here to read, Fight the Good Fight which Garrick was kind enough to share with me.