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Babygirl /slave training 101. Pt2

I know I want this dynamic. Now that I have found the man who is my Daddy/my Master. It just feels like it has fallen into place. 401 more words

To be in His presence

He can walk in at anytime. It’s up to me to know beforehand ,how I am to be waiting. A regular date night, I’m allowed to be dressed, and ready to go out for fun with Daddy. 571 more words

How much fun can a Daddy Dom be, if a Daddy Dom did have fun!

Daddy Doms are not all work and no play. My Daddy knows how to start the fun. He is also everything to me, such as: … 612 more words

Who's my Daddy?

♡{update on ceremony of the Roses}♡
So I did get an email from a sub, I will call her L. She said after reading my post she was moved to propose to her Dom. 1,811 more words

Strip poker for 2

The night started like any other, the moment He walked through the door, my heart beats faster. Once He walks through the door, ‘Daddy!!’. I have to feel His arms around me, kiss Him, smell Him. 597 more words

All of me... All of you

This says it all so perfectly. I do feel this is what Daddy was trying to tell me!

Thank you Daddy♡

Marked Man

I would suggest being a Dom is no easy task. I would also suggest as such a Dom; with two women under contract I am very visible. 299 more words