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Beautiful warmth on a cold wet day.

Mmmmm just your smell, intoxicating!

Lots of fun had today, wearing stripes with pride.

Daddy let me play out a terrible fantasy and it went without so much of a hiccup, so in tune it’s beautiful! 13 more words


A Sadist and a Brat

A fantasy post…

Tenderly he touched my lips. I was standing directly in front of him, breathing in his scent. My eyes closed automatically, but kept fluttering open to watch him watching me. 3,023 more words


5 Things Your Little Wants From You

For my first official blog post, I thought I’d start off with something near and dear to my heart: that is, the ethics of being a good Daddy. 317 more words

5 Things Your Little Wants From You


“Distract me.” I begged him. I was sitting in tiny office trying to figure out why the internet had gone down and I was beyond frustrated. 4,312 more words


Back On The Horse

“And how do I ask permission to play with someone I might want to play with?” he asked the hostess this question right in front of me. 3,111 more words


Daddy Issues

We all have them to some degree, don’t we? Women, I mean. I won’t speak for men, though I’m sure some of them do as well. 1,122 more words


My Subspace Room

“Being spanked is the most wonderful thing in the world. The place my head goes… Like heaven in Bruce Almighty… That big open empty white room… My head goes so empty and light… But without than man who plays God in…” 747 more words