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Missing from me

We both said things that can’t be ignored, we hurt each other and there’s nothing that can make it better. I miss him though, I miss being his and hearing “I love you kitten”.. 34 more words


Day 79 Review: Perfectly Norman

Today T decided he wanted to keep the picks to his library pile and, after some deliberation, he picked out Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival. 271 more words


An Open letter to my life - my daughter

Dear my life,

It’s been a year you came into my life and became my life.

I never been so happy in my 32 years of life. 966 more words


On Calling Him Daddy

I pride myself on being a particularly sexual person. An adventurer, a group sex lover, and an agile performer who gets wet at the thought of outdoor sex where other people might see me. 295 more words


Day 78 Review: The Dark

For tonight’s bedtime read, T picked out The Dark – a picture book by Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen.

As you can probably infer from the title, this is a book which bravely tackles that classic childhood fear – the dark. 435 more words


Big Weekend

While I was speaking at a conference:

The Westermen of the house headed down to the Westerby Grandparents House for some early birthday fun for Max (scooter!!!!) and an all-around good time. The weather was AMAZING!

Vagina or?

Lets talk about the naming of private areas. I only have a daughter so I’ll be writing about the use of Vagina, however I am sure this is applicable to everyone. 558 more words

Good Luck Parents Xx