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It's Your Choice - For Better or Worse Grief Changes Us

Death is devastating.  It leaves behind a trail of broken hearts and shattered dreams.  All losses are significant.  I consider myself blessed to have had such a strong bond with my father.   736 more words

Nightmare nights 2016 day 3

Here is the last and final day of Nightmare nights 2016! Thank you to all the attendees, guests and a huge thank you to the crew who put on the show!!


"I missed you too Mistress"

I turn the keys into the door, pause for a second (considerate i know!) give him time to reach the door and take his position, on his knees that is. 287 more words


A Letter to Charleston


On September 14th, you made your dad and I the happiest people on this planet. That night, your dad was at the store and I had asked him to grab me some wine and some pregnancy tests because I always liked keeping those tests on hand. 744 more words

Ramblings of a rusty blogger

I used to love to blog but stopped doing it several years ago. After the loss of our unborn child, writing has once again become very freeing for me. 50 more words

Feeling.. "less than"

^ — This is me, on a good day. –^

I may be little, I may be tender and mush on the inside, but I’m fierce! 1,006 more words


Shower Times part 1

When I took babygirl by the hand and pulled her out of bed telling her to come take a shower with me, I knew it wouldn’t just be a shower. 317 more words

Submissive Man