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Thunderbolts is curled up with his head by my armpit, his face resting against my chest, his hands folded over his chest, one hand resting on my ribcage. 128 more words


Review - Superkitty

T is enjoying superheroes at the moment (his favourite currently is Spiderman) so I knew he would be attracted to tonight’s choice for bedtime story – Superkitty by Hannah Whitty and Paula Bowles. 331 more words


Am I Really Pregnant Already?

It was the summer of 2018. I had just gotten married to my boyfriend of over 4 years (On Friday, June 8th) at the courthouse. We planned on having a bigger wedding later that year, but we also wanted to start a family and figured we were married and ready so why not stop using protection? 837 more words

Review - I Need a New Bum!

With a book fair in town, I had a new option for T to read tonight (once he eventually decided to go to bed). I knew there was no chance he would pass up on the opportunity to read I Need a New Bum! 244 more words


Daddy {Daycare}

A recent Instagram post by mother of all adventures {Our Men – see below} got me thinking.

Hands up who has had a moan about their husband/partner recently? 1,273 more words


Review - Tree

Tonight, T noticed a book with a hole in it and linked this to a similar book we had read recently with a dragon who burned a hole through the pages! 291 more words


Im good being single, for now.

Honestly, it’s because I was emotionally unstable otherwise.

I was so desperate for a boyfriend that I was vulnerable and interpreted anything as flirting.

There was one particular guy that I really really liked, who I thought had feelings for me as well. 457 more words

Gay Dating