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Can't Wait

Two more nights then Daddy is mine to sleep with and be with forever. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.

My son has been wanting snuggles every night, it’s so cute. 49 more words


A Child's Letter

There’s shouting coming from Mommy and Daddy’s room.  The frightened yet curious child goes downstairs just in time to see her father walk out the door into the night.   199 more words

Birthday Present Update.

My birthday night went really well. Daddy and I dropped off the baby with his parents and went to grab my breakfast pizza for dinner, we got back home and made some drinks and sat at the table eating our deliciousness. 680 more words

What my Daddy means to me....

I’ve been going through a bad time the last couple of days. Yesterday was a doozy. Like I kinda went batshit crazy type of doozy, lol. 407 more words


Who Is Your Pilot?

I have to chuckle when I see a vehicle with “God is my co-pilot” on the front of it, as if God is only their “ 810 more words


Naming Our Next Creative Endeavors, in 6 Words

I have an unfinished book. Or two.

Raise your hand if you can say the same. I’m not talking that Danielle Steele paperback collecting dust on your nightstand. 506 more words

Coach Daddy

Letter from Daddy.

To my beautiful daughter,

I can’t believe you are 1 today, where has the year gone? This time last year, at 22:00, you were born fashionably late having kept us all waiting. 439 more words