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Counting on forever

I’ve been deep in thought for a week now, I’ve come to realize that I really want to be there for Him and all He’s going thru, but I truly need Him to know I can only process in chunks. 930 more words


I love my husband and honestly don’t know what I’d do without him! He’s a hard working man of God. He’s a great father. He goes to work early each morning so that he can home earlier in the evenings to spend time together as a family. 94 more words


I had a blast tonight with Houdini,oops I mean Daddy. I love spending time with Him. Tonight we went out, He knows my fav football team is the Steelers and He cheered them on with me. 276 more words

Stains: how the heck do I get this out?

It’s no big surprise that babies mean┬ámessy business, but when it comes to those hard to get out stains, where should you start? For me I was lucky enough to receive a whole care package of dreft stain remover and laundry detergent. 409 more words


Stop and Start

That’s me, the queen of stopping and starting again. I suppose (so, I tell myself) that dedication does not always come in a long unbroken chain. 782 more words


Science project

Today Addie worked on her science project really hard with Daddy’s help. Daddy literally sat next to her all day long and guided her through the process.

"Meinkumph eyes"

His stove. His inability to wait, his turn.
His unpleasant impatience. His arrogance.
I once met the most reprehensible man in the world.
I called him a narcissist, a monster, a selfish pig, 174 more words