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Dear Daddy

When I was a kid we played a game called “Lion”. You would chase us around while we laughed and hid, wanting you to catch us so that you would tickle us until we screamed. 488 more words

The Daddy Tag Interrogation!

So, a little birdie told me about this here… Daddy Tag, I though it could be fun to spark the mind, and well, the necrotic activity of my own little den of a blog. 820 more words



People seek different things from relationships. There are people who seek romance, people who seek financial stability, and people who seek familiarity. Personally, I believe one can attain all three of these in a partner. 720 more words



Eighteen years ago, I lost my Dad.

Usually, on this post, I would write something about his passing but in reflection, I want to write about something that I shared with Dad. 200 more words


Having a Martha Home the Mary Way: Days 20 & 21

Oh friends…. I’m slacking… But I’m giving myself grace. That’s life, huh? :)

Ironically, the Mary thoughts for these two days were helpful in knowing the difference between me beingĀ  660 more words

Book Reviews

'Relax' in dominant speak, actually means:

So, life handed me lemons. A basketful, but when did I ask for lemons. And why can’t life just send a nice brownie basket, I like chocolate way better than lemons. 1,082 more words

Daddy - 'Lime Green Dress'

This blog is vastly skewed towards my taste in electronic music, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the melancholic. ‘Lime Green Dress’ is a dreamy, wistful and gender-bending take on romance. 41 more words