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A man I know from church recently lost his father. I don’t know this man well and I never met his father. We are friends on Facebook though and so, as things go with social media, I’ve learned something about his life that is more intimate than our friendship would dictate is appropriate. 932 more words


Our son had a really bad day...

Our oldest came home from school really upset yesterday. He and his father both told me he had a really tough day. Sharing wasn’t going well and listening to his teachers seemed a little harder. 395 more words


Day 23 - Intergalactic Ed and the Space Pirates

Tobias is loving pirates at the moment, so it’s actually quite surprising that it has taken him so long to pick out today’s choice; Intergalactic Ed and the Space Pirates by Ella Denton and Jamie Littler. 305 more words


For Vincent

This is a poem I had written for my son in support to him for his upcoming surgery.
My son’s surgery date is February 2nd and we’re all scared. 200 more words

"And they called it daddy love"-A quick look at the Oedipus and Electra Complex

Love him or hate him, its very hard to ignore the impact of Doctor Sigmund Freud has had on modern psychology and of course, his theory that we all fancy our mums and dads. 427 more words


Have you ever had that urge, that itch to fuck, and no one’s gotta do it with you? Lol yes happens to me always. I end up finger-fucking myself most of the time. 496 more words

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