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Today is irrelevant

Sitting on my front porch at 2 am, mug of coffee in hand, cigarette burning, music playing softly. This is my reality right now. I saw a prompt with the word irrelevant and almost laughed at all the possible meanings this has in my life at this very moment. 594 more words


It's time to prep

Hi guys. Sorry it’s been a while. Been trying to catch up with everything a can things together for the birth. That includes baby bits and YouTube I have to admit. 381 more words


Forever and Always - Why I’m Still Proud To Be A Daddy’s Girl

I’m a grown up.  No really I am!  I thought once I was old and married I would stop telling the world what a Daddy’s girl I am.  612 more words

Foster Care

Jimmy doesn’t swim in the river
Mummy doesn’t like life that way
He’s waiting for the next big rainfall
Fighting time and yearning to play… 76 more words


Happy 68th Birthday, Poppa Bear... reasons why you're still super man to me

  1. Daddy can still drive cross country in record timing
  2. He’s a gentleman
  3. He’s fly
  4. Well dressed and can do both suits and jeans effortlessly with a hat collection that meets the gamut of manhood!

T-115: 1+1+1=3.5

I know I’ve explained in the past that I’m not great at math. This is not a time where I’m wrong. Yes, you me and your mother would be 3. 574 more words

Good Grief.....

I never thought there was such a thing. I only heard it said when someone was frustrated about something or when Charlie Brown just couldn’t cut it. 816 more words

HS Life