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Rachel the builder

My parents are remodeling their kitchen in California right now. When my mom told me she was going to hire someone to paint the cabinets my first thought was “I could do that”. 1,040 more words

What I Learned About Legacy at My Grandfather's Funeral

Back in the 1930’s, in a little town called South Pittsburg, Tennessee, little Johnny Goodgame caught his brother Charles smoking cigarettes. Instead of telling their mother,┬áJohnny made Charles do his chores, including fetching the coal for the fire. 467 more words


Car Dificulty

Man am I surprised with how hard it is to buy a car here!?

People are funny. In a difficult economy where everyone needs more money. 218 more words


Being here without a car has been fun. Kids like riding in taxis. I’m not sure the cabies like having them there but that’s another story. 262 more words

Surprising News

Hi guys. I’ve told many of you about my old terrorist friend here in Sarajevo.

He is a guy I grew up with and got in lots of trouble with when we were younger. 383 more words


Welcome to Sarajevo

So here we are. 14 hours of travel, few sick meals and tired family to deal with. Needless to say we need rest.

But after few days we are starting to feel normal again. 105 more words


Cheaper =/= Easier

I’ve always been the kind of person who spends time looking for the best deal. Now that I’m on a budget, that has been kicked into extreme mode. 631 more words

Building Progress