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Never Let Them See You Sweat

Any other Generation X’er remember this slogan? It became almost a clarion call in the early ’80s, and it appealed to my father’s innate stoicism. 1,418 more words


Enjoy the Weather

A lot of the people I’ve spoken with lately are done with winter. Repeatedly digging out the car with cold, wet, dirty, icy and frozen fingers has really taken its toll and they just want to move on. 302 more words


Life's Unfortunate . . .

Here is another chapter in the story of Alex and Laura.  You can find other parts of their journey here:

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3… 436 more words


Fathers' Mental Health Matters

by John Hoffman

It’s high time we started paying more attention to the mental health needs of fathers.

Mothers’ mental health has been on the radar screen for many years – it often gets mentioned in the same breath as children’s development.  501 more words

Father Involvement

Dad, Your Emotions Matter

Emotional wellness comes from coping with stress and making positive contributions to the world.  Fathers play a role in this for children.

Here’s what you can do: 303 more words


Hustle and Bustle

Day-to-Day Dad here, yep still here. Things have been busy around the Day-to-Day household. I’ve start spring semester, oh how adamant I’ll be for my kids to finish college after high school. 212 more words


She Wants To Do Homework

Day-to-Day Dad. My baby girl didn’t want to sleep last night. We’re thinking she’s teething again. So, instead of sleeping, she helped me with some calculus.