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And The Perks Keep Coming...

Last month I spoke about two of the great perks of fatherhood.  However, being able to look like a homeless person and blaming the kids for everything are not the only ones.   837 more words


Dear America......

You have a problem and it’s a problem the whole world can see. Our hearts are breaking for you because you have a problem.

You know you have a problem when your children aren’t safe going to school. 328 more words


Happy NEW (school) YEAR Resolutions!

We are so prone to treat the beginning of a new calendar year as the time to turn a new leaf and set new goals. However, as parents we  sometimes find our personal goals conflicting with the activities or busyness of our families. 913 more words


The Toddler Rule Book

There is nothing more destructive than a pissed off toddler.  That I’m afraid is a fact.  Ready to kick off at a moments notice, my two year old has us just where he wants us.  1,363 more words


Is Coffee Really the Answer??

Last week I talked about the importance of coffee to a new parent, and how it keeps the narcolepsy to a minimum. But is it really the answer, and are those benefits really worth it in the long run? 974 more words


Kittens ⁉⁉✅✅💕🐈

My dad and Mary had a litter of kittens and they are ready to go to pet shop.
Dad’s keeping the runt , named Skrunt… 25 more words