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We've Moved!!!

As our desire to connect with and inspire as many people as possible continues to grow, we decided to take the leap to our own domain. 49 more words


My 5-Year-Old Wants to Be a YouTube Star

When Schmee was 2 ½ we received an iPad from my parents (ugh) and he has not been “the same” since. Oh, we let him indulge for awhile keeping to a specific regimen of Shaun the Sheep and a free Curious George game but obviously we couldn’t keep the lid shut for long. 458 more words


Dads 👪

So, today I planned to go shopping. And of course I went to my dad for that. He readily agreed and we headed. Well let me tell you that right now I am in Visakhapatnam (I am from Kolkata). 177 more words


Monkey business shoes

I spaced out last night and posted a story that wasnt finished. So I took it down and put this one in its place.

My dad, Gene was unconventional in absolutely everything he did. 1,721 more words


At a Loss for Words

I never realized how many times I would literally be at a loss for what to do as a parent. So often, Ev does something and I don’t know what to do or even say. 502 more words


It's been busy...

You know those times in your life where you barely have time to get a haircut and you have to bring out the hair trimmer and hope whatever you do to your hair resembles something… 279 more words


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

It’s been a few weeks since Schmee started kindergarten and in that time I have seen a lot of behavior changes from him that I wasn’t expecting. 466 more words