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My husband is a better mother than me!

Dads are cool.

Dads have an innate ability for idiocy. They can throw further, jump higher and run faster. Caution, caveat ahead; in and of itself, it’s not that hard to throw further, jump higher or run faster than me. 805 more words


What Happened to My Baby?

Day-to-Day Dad, my baby girl has turned two years old. She’s not a baby anymore. Yes, she’ll always be my baby but to the world she’s a walking talking toddler. 223 more words


Run Dad Run

Day-to-Day Dad, I recently decided I want a challenge, (because raising two kids isn’t enough of a challenge?). I’ve been running consistently for a few years, and have ran a few 5ks. 161 more words


Dear Dads...this is for you

Dear tired dad who is in the middle of parenting,

T here are so many blogs, articles, and letters written for moms that start with some form or another of that title. 420 more words


The Price Tag of a Real Man

While perusing Facebook, how often do we come across post promoting a mother’s worth?  Almost daily right?  I’ve seen countless post that attempt to put a dollar value on a mom’s labor and they always come to the same conclusion:  Moms are just too expensive, so thank god they do their jobs for free!   1,278 more words


Never Let Them See You Sweat

Any other Generation X’er remember this slogan? It became almost a clarion call in the early ’80s, and it appealed to my father’s innate stoicism. 1,418 more words


Enjoy the Weather

A lot of the people I’ve spoken with lately are done with winter. Repeatedly digging out the car with cold, wet, dirty, icy and frozen fingers has really taken its toll and they just want to move on. 302 more words