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7 Songs for the First 7 Days

By Lee Carnihan

You’ll have enough on your plate in the first week without having to worry about what day it is. Time will become meaningless over the first few days and hours – it all blurs into one frankly – but we have to start somewhere and what better day to start on than a Monday? 1,158 more words


Unpacking Child Stress

by John Hoffman

I haven’t talked about children’s stress for a while.  It’s a topic I want to keep coming back to because it’s so important and there is a lot to talk about. 1,047 more words

Father Involvement

NERD HEROES - Ryan MacDonald

Today I am kicking off my series on NERD HEROES. Us nerds have many heroes, hundreds of them, we just don’t really talk about them enough. 401 more words



<A barely audible creaking of laptop hinges, a mechanical rattling as cobwebs are wiped form the keyboard of the blogging computer, a small fluttering of moths arise disturbed form their gloomy forgotten hiding place, the feeble dusty glow from the screen illuminates an old familiar pair of glasses once again. 205 more words



Our son is walking, almost running now and trying to be a daredevil with the furniture in the house. He has started looking right at me, smiling a little to see my reaction and then leaping, falling, and testing my reflexes. 458 more words

New Parents

Celebrating Dads at the Birth of Their Children

by John Hoffman

Last June, the Huffington Post published a nice photo essay about fathers at the birth of their babies. They used a title that was total click bait: … 709 more words


Don't Question Her Patriotism

(Photo Above: Gabby Douglas. Source: The Huffington Post – Zondervan)

I’ve attended enough baseball games to know that as soon as the National Anthem comes on, you take off your cap, stand at attention and place your hand over your heart. 471 more words