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Dad's Army

Back in September, my folks came down to visit us in Brighton (for the first time in 10 years, I might add!!!). Bored senseless of taking our guests on trips to see the Royal Pavilion, the two piers and Devil’s Dyke, we decided to take them for a ride along the Bluebell Railway – a heritage steam railway that operates between Sheffield Park and East Grinstead in East Sussex. 135 more words


Soapbox: 16 LOST Episodes Of Amazing TV Shows

A surprising number of TV shows have “lost episodes” – broadcasts that either never aired or were later misplaced after their initial broadcast.

In most instances, these episodes were lost due to the cost-cutting measures of TV studios who were less concerned with keeping a complete archive than they were with re-using available video tape. 191 more words


The spectrum of comedy

There’s a strong case to be made for not analysing comedy. Laughter is a spontaneous thing, and as soon as one starts analysing, the very essence of what made us laugh in the first place is gone. 2,031 more words