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BBC - How to survive a disaster

Rather than madness, or an animalistic stampede for the exits, it is often people’s disinclination to panic that puts them at higher risk…

The prevailing psychological explanation for these kinds of behaviours – passivity, mental paralysis or simply carrying on as normal in the face of a crisis – is that they are caused by a failure to adapt to a sudden change in the environment.

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Economics Of Natural Disasters

'They Don't Like It Up 'Em', or Carry On Behind - on medical cockadong bumming

This morning is the start of my preparation for a colonoscopy – some sort of medical procedure where the doctor ‘introduces’ a camera into my lower bowel through, ahem, the ‘back entrance’. 1,230 more words

Historical Sitcoms Are a Real Thing in the UK

When I say “historical” in relation to television programming, what comes to mind? Drama, right? Human rights campaigns, wars, ancient civilizations; these are serious subjects which must be treated with solemnity and reverence. 749 more words

Miscellaneous Musings

Better Wgtn sends Dads Army to Eastbourne

Reports from a community meeting at Eastbourne last night is that the crowd mumbling rhubarb test indicated 75% opposition to the idea.

The case for amalgamation was not helped by the shambolic and rambling Dad’s Army performance of the Better Wellington duo. 164 more words


They Don't Like It Up 'Em! - Painting Part 5

So, the formidable Lance Corporal Jones. Scourge of the Fuzzy Wuzzies, fan of the cold steel (They do not like it up ‘em!) and always a beat behind, Jones was responsible for a large number of the scrapes the platoon ended up in. 214 more words

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May I be Excused? - Painting Part 4

So, onto the platoon. My first decision – whether or not to paint civvies or uniforms. My decision – uniforms. Then who to start with. My choice – Godfrey. 215 more words

Dad's Army

The Vicar Won't Like It! - Painting Part 3

Following on from painting Hodges last week, I continued with the Vicar, Reverend Farthing, and the Verger, Mr Yeatman. Here I detail the results.

The Vicar… 493 more words

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