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2015 a Year of Re-Makes?

Remakes, sequels, resurrections; they’re everywhere. Re-boots of Jurassic Park, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. , Mad Max and of course- Star Wars are all due to arrive in a cinema near you in 2015 with Scarface and Dad’s Army following close behind. 654 more words

Video: A Special Message From Jeffrey Holland & Judy Buxton

“Hi-De-Hi Campers” Here is a very special message by Jeffrey Holland aka Spike from “Hi-De-Hi” and the gorgeous Judy Buxton from “On The Up” recorded at FlatPlanet on Saturday the 28th March by Jason Read of Robo Films.


Don't Eat With Your Mouth Full

“Earth. 2015. Sometime of a Sunday morning judging by the smell of cornflakes and coffee. How am I doing, Doctor.”

“Well, yes, but you failed to mention the Dalek poaching eggs in the kitchen.” 148 more words


Banking in Yemen

When I started my banking career back in the 1970’s, banking was still seen as a genteel, if somewhat unexciting, occupation and bankers were regarded as decent, honest and well respected members of the community like Captain Mainwaring and Sergeant Wilson in Dad’s Army. 1,005 more words


Forget Auckland is a supercity... please?

We do feel sorry for the Dad’s Army, Better Hutt Platoon.

At every public outing they stumble their way through an apology about the Auckland supercity, claiming that the Wellington one will be different. 42 more words


BBC - How to survive a disaster

Rather than madness, or an animalistic stampede for the exits, it is often people’s disinclination to panic that puts them at higher risk…

The prevailing psychological explanation for these kinds of behaviours – passivity, mental paralysis or simply carrying on as normal in the face of a crisis – is that they are caused by a failure to adapt to a sudden change in the environment.

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Economics Of Natural Disasters

'They Don't Like It Up 'Em', or Carry On Behind - on medical cockadong bumming

This morning is the start of my preparation for a colonoscopy – some sort of medical procedure where the doctor ‘introduces’ a camera into my lower bowel through, ahem, the ‘back entrance’. 1,230 more words