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Downtime Scroll 9/12

Downtime Scroll

(A regular feature highlighting what’s going on in the world related to fatherhood)


Are you on the road?

I recently took a 2 month stint commuting across states, which I’ll further write about, but I wanted to find out about “Road Dads”.  You know who you are…the dad that is constantly on an airplane, hotel room, or driving just to bring home the bacon. 78 more words


My favorite daddy-daughter story from this Christmas

Well, I can honestly say that Christmas came and went like a whirlwind this year, but that’s due to a whole bunch of craziness in my household with my three girls.  500 more words

Raising Daughters

What I learned from Brave - Part 1

So I saw the extremely popular Brave this last weekend, giving in to the Disney franchise, AGAIN. This time, it got me (and my girls) bad with the messages that I should be taking back as a dad. 857 more words


Fifty Shades of I Don’t Want to Know...

What’s your daughter reading?  Seriously, think about that.  What is she currently reading?

She might be at such a young age that it’s really irrelevant.  There are bears, princesses, and you have to find 4 hiding goldfish.   606 more words


This makes it all worth it

Look, blogs aren’t the most popular things to read out in the Internet, well, at least mine isn’t.  But there are SO MANY of them, which means there are so many people slaving away in front of a computer screen; and for what?  416 more words


A rose by any other name….

So unless you haven’t picked up a paper, checked any of your social media outlets, or crawled out from underneath that rock, you heard that Jessica Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson welcomed their baby girl into the world.  408 more words