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Horrifying Hotel Hallucinations, Harbingers of Holocaust

Hotels, they all feel the same, they all have similarities, the staff, they are identical to every other hotel staff never mind where you go. But do you ever question why? 529 more words


Perfecting a Zero-Touch Deployment of MacOS via MDM

We are quickly seeing that convergence of endpoints in the technology space today. No longer is it about SCCM or MDM or the other million acronyms that make normal people cringe. 2,039 more words

System life update

Our posts have been infrequent the past week or so. I’ve been working on a project, going to write a crime novel. First actual attempt to write a real researched and thought out thing. 214 more words

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV (2016)

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV (2016)

For centuries the sacred magic of the Divine Crystal divided to people, but it also bring war to land. Lucis kingdom’s king uses magic barrier to protect his city, Niflheim a military empire who use Magitek technology.  485 more words


Daemon's Featured Topic: DID and Family

These are two topics that will always be tied together, for better or for worse. I felt these were appropriate to discuss at this point in time since my system and I will be visiting our family in the beginning of June. 729 more words

La Belle Sauvage - Book of Dust #1, Phillip Pullman

Much like my last blog this is a book that I read some time ago now. I haven’t exactly found the time to write much just lately, so here’s part of my catch up. 903 more words